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DataKnowledgeEngJour.. - School of Computing

Expression Module

Expression Module Keyword-Subject Association Module Subject Heading Database JESS functions Knowledge Module Wrapper Functions Network Interface Module 15 Graphical User Interface Module Proxy Controller Module Library A Online Catalog User Figure 1: Design of E-Referencer Control Module - Knowledge Base - Fact Base - Explanation Facility Z39.50 Interface Module OCLC Z39.50 Client API for Java Library B Online Catalog A screenshot of the main user interface and the feedback window is shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3. Client Proxy Servers (External)

. Expression Module Figure 2: E-Referencer Frame (main GUI) This module provides functions to manipulate the search expression that a user keys into the E- Referencer. The functions implemented are: • Removing stop-words like a, an, is, the, which does not help in the search session. • Stemming words to remove suffixes to get a common form for retrieving more records. Porter’s algorithm [22] available at the Glasgow IDOM – IR Resources Web site ( is selected because of its simplicity and fast implementation. • Conversion between AND, OR and Adjacent operators in search string. Example: AND operators -> “expert” AND “systems” OR operators -> “expert” OR “systems” Adjacent Operators -> “expert systems” • Create combinations of two or three keywords Example: Expert Systems Internet Intranet Two keyword combination -> 16

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