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The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center


INTRODUCING Parents do not always get the opportunity to meet all our staff. Parents do not always get the opportunity to get to know all our staff. We are introducing a new column in the newsletter in which a different staff person will be INTRODUCED to the readers each month. With 32-36 people on staff it is going to take a while. Here we are this month introducing: MARIA LANDIN. Hello parents. My name is Maria Landin. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to work with kids. I just love how fun, active and crazy they can be. I have worked in pre-schools since I was 18 years old. I love my job. I have three children. They are all grown out of the baby stage. My oldest is 15. I have two younger kids. One is 9 and the other 7- two girls and one boy. When I go to work I can experience the baby stage all over again. It is really fun to play, run and just enjoy all the wonderful children. Playing with the kids is fantastic. They have so much energy. I love to chase them when we play outside. We play tag and hide-n-seek. I am glad I work here. I really enjoy all the children and staff. Thank you. The Child C a r e C e n t e r Wish List c o n t i n u e s t o grow. We received a number of things listed on last month’s wish List. Please remember, we are not asking anyone to purchase the items listed below. We all throw away, perhaps the proper word is discard, things when we are upgrading. The discards are what we are looking to receive. the time to take a blank tape and a book home and tape record a children' story clothing your child has outgrown children's books that your child has outgrown you will see more ideas on the bulletin board and in next month’s newsletter. Transitions and New Children Infants Elena Pre-Scooters Nolan Bloomers MILESTONES JUNE 2012 10

Delights Zoe Jacob 06/01 Sofia (Pre-Scooters) 06/06 Marlene 06/08 Jay (Pre-Scooters) 06/09 Isabella (Scooters) Justin (Pre-Scooters) Lianne Lynn 06/11 Jordan (Bloomers) 06/12 Toscane (Scooters) 06/18 James (Scooters) 06/22 Valentina (Pre-Scooters) Lee (Fantastics) Lena 06/24 Alice (Infant) Mary (Infant) 06/27 Mae 06/28 Anthony (Scooters) 06/29 Joseph (Infant) 06/30 Licinia 07/01 Gerard (Pre-Scooters) 07/04 Andrew (Pre-Scooters) 07/09 Gabriella (Pre-Scooters) 07/11 Valorie Paulk 07/12 Mia (Infants) 07/23 Thom Kermes 07/25 Amanda (Scooters) 07/27 Anne (Scooters) 07/29 Marta Castella We wish all of you a very Happy Birthday!!! KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY This is our means of getting to know what our parents do and what services they might be able to provide to other parents. We want to be clear that we are not necessarily endorsing the company or organization a parent works for, but we are just spreading the word about what that parents can offer. (The newsletter is becoming a networking tool. Welcome to the 21 st century.) This months parent is: Emmie Brown, a session member at Riviera Presbyterian Church, is the Director of Marketing at the Ale House. She is excited to be working with the CCC and providing us with assistance in fundraising! Kids Eat Free = one free kids meal with purchase of one adult entrée. Participation must be made known at time of visit. Kids Eat Free is available every Tuesday, th but only on 4 Tuesday of every month does the Child Care Center of Riviera Presbyterian Church receive a discount. This offer and promotion available ONLY at Coral Gables location. THE CHILD CARE CENTER DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AMONG APPLICANTS AND PARTICIPANTS ON THE BASIS OF RACE, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, SEXUAL ORIENTATION OR COLOR. License #: C11MD0225 If you need additional newsletters, they are available in the office. MINDBENDERS Do good because of tomorrow. Ghanaian proverb JUNE 2012 11

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