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The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

TODDLER - We welcome

TODDLER - We welcome June. This month will bring us many special days. To name a few, this is the beginning of hurricane season, Father’s Day, Flag Day and Summer vacations begin. Leonel likes making visits upstairs to see the fish. He gets really excited, he likes to point at the fish inside the tank. Now he started visiting the Pre-Scooter room. When Sophie wants quiet time, she gets a book from the library. She sits down on the mat and looks at the book. Avery loves to visit her brother, Jacob in the Scooter room. Beatrice and Ella enjoy outdoor activities, especially playing on the see-saw. Julian and Ethan are now super busy, climbing on the rocking chair, dancing on the table and pushing toys. Connor loves to dance during music time. He is talking a lot. When Rachel arrives, she tends to run and give big hugs and kisses to each teacher. Ryan gets very excited when his parents come together to pick him up. Nicholas uses good sign language and likes to blow kisses to his Mom every morning. The Toddler teachers gave a warm welcoming to our new friend Lucas and his family. He enjoys pushing the cars and reading with his friends. We wish our Dads and Grandfathers a Happy Father’s Day. Vivian, we are truly going to miss you. We hope you enjoy your retirement along with your lovely family. See you next time, Gina PRE-SCOOTER - Well, here we are again. May has come, but before we say good-bye please let us share with you what took place. Let us start by saying we hope all our Moms had a Happy Mother’s Day. During the month our teachers were busy making special art for our Moms. We took morning walks. Henry saw a giant garbage truck. We had our Book Fair along with Teacher Appreciation Week. We thank all our parents and Thom and Vivian for taking the time to express their gratitude. During May we made it a point to encourage our children to use their words more and to take and give turns. Now let us see what is on the calendar for June. We want to say Happy Father’s Day to our dads. Summer is just around the corner. Now let us check in with our little ones. Brent makes sure to give his Mommy a big kiss and a hug good-bye before she leaves. What a way to start a day. Justin greets everyone with a great big “Hello.” He makes everybody feel welcome. We cannot forget to congratulate Andrew and Henry on becoming big brothers. Nolan likes art time, especially finger painting. He enjoys moving his hands through the paint. Violette is very motherly in the Dramatic Play Area. She holds the babies, feeds them and changes their diapers before putting them down for a nap. Andrew scribbles on the chalkboard with Yazmin. Aaron and Alexandra play peek-a-boo hiding in the tunnel when inside the classroom. Henry uses his manners and words. Before Henry asks for his milk, he says, “Please” and once he gets it he says, “Thank you.” Audrey sings the Clean Up Song while putting the toys away. Jolena likes spending her time in the Library reading books. Valentina counts while going up and down the stairs. Riley becomes excited at Story Time. She looks at the big pictures and bright colors. Sofia is starting to do the table puzzles, matching pictures and shapes. Teamwork is important. Gerard and Caleb show that when they are building with the giant blocks together. Taylor names the pictures from the flash cards. Porter starts his morning by going over to visit with Mae-Mae and the babies. Jay is our dancing machine at Music Time. Mischa is now drinking from a sippy cup and going great. Gabriella says, “Good night” to all her teachers before taking her nap. Let us not forget to welcome Maria, our new teacher in the afternoon. We will miss Elizabeth who has moved over to the Bloomers. Well, that is all our news for now. See you next month. The Pre-Scooters. JUNE 2012 2

Scooters A & B The month of May was a great one. Zoe moved to Bloomers. Lucille said she wanted to be a cow-girl when we talked about horses as a kind of transportation. Jacob pretends to be a hot air balloon when walking to the bathroom. Giancarlo loves to read books right before going to nap. Bella and Lydia love making mulch cakes. We will miss Ivan as he returns to Russia for the Summer. He will return August 1. Our playground has three new chairs and all the children want one. Adam has been practicing patience. While playing he keeps his eyes on those chairs. As soon as one is available, before you can blink Adam is sitting in it. Ben is our creative genius by renaming common things such as making an “umbrella” using sticks, shovels, “a knife” to cut bread and a bug cage as a garbage truck. Emily, Eva and Penny have been using their nurturing skills and imagination on the playground turning safety cones of dirt into baby chickens and birdies. They each treat their cones with lots of love. You can catch them talking to the baby animals they made. Gus and Santi may be our future stuntmen. They are found practicing their falls while racing in their cars. When at top speed they will crash into unoccupied parked cars. Kai and Thomas can be found purposefully pushing their cars into the unoccupied parked cars. One thing you can say about your children, they are safety conscious of others while crashing. Michelle has been busy making “lollipops and candies” for whoever wants some. Then she and Kai keep fit by flipping over the Little Tykes cubes to the perfect position to climb on. Luis has been reenacting “The Three Little Pigs” with Ben, Gus and Adam. This month the Scooters B class has been learning all about transportation. The week of May 21 has been land transportation. Michael was very excited to tell his friends all about the train at Mickey’s House. Toscane has loved helping her friends and teachers around the classroom. Anthony enjoyed making a horse out of his handprint and talked all about cowboys and their horses. Amanda has loved starting the Good Morning Song. Gabriel has been showing his friends all the lizards on the playground. They go on bug hunts. Anne has claimed the bug corner. She is trying to grow a collection of bugs. Ethan Ka has fun looking for lizards outside. When he finds some he says, “Lizards, come here. I have food for you.” Olivia is very proud to be a big sister. She always talks abut Owen, her baby brother and how she loves him. Jackson says he wants a helicopter to go to the airport. Isabella and Ethan L pretend to go high in the air in hot air balloons. Ethan Ko says that he better go on the airplane because it is big. Love, Pam, Janet, Jessica, Sarah & Rita SUMMER CAMPS This Summer Ballet At Your School Soaring Eagles Yoga and SoccerShots will be operating one week Summer Camps at the Child Care Center. SoccerShots will be having two, one-week sessions. Ballet At Your School and Soaring Eagles Yoga will have one-week sessions each. SoccerShots: 6/11 - 15 7/23 - 27 Ballet At Your School: 6/25 - 29 Soaring Eagles Yoga: 6/18 - 22 Registration forms have been placed in the cubbies of children turning three by September or older. Compukidz will continue with weekly sessions in June and July. See the Calendar at the end of the newsletter for more details. We will not have Water Play the two weeks of SoccerShots Camp. JUNE 2012 3

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