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The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

Bloomers This month

Bloomers This month the boys and girls were very busy getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day. We made beautiful handprint artwork, a card and a gift for our Moms. We learned two beautiful songs in honor of Mommies everywhere. Some of our friends brought special treats from home to share with the class. Lucia brought doughnuts, ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes. Kira treated us to red velvet cake. Peter brought crackers for the children. Our garden finally gave us eggplants. Ms. Elvi cooked them and Monica, Mario, Christopher, Luke, Declan, Henry, Lucia, Felipe, Marco and Nathan tried it. Luke even asked for seconds. Yum! Yum! Aside from making artwork for Mother’s Day, we made caterpillars, birds, umbrellas, kites and traced our numbers. We learned new songs: Table Manners, Yes/No and Noodles in My Soup. We read many books on Manners: Time To Say Please, Manners Matter, No Hitting and Hands Are For Helping. Hopefully, we will be the most polite group of children as we can be. Our singers of the month were Kira, Jacob and Nicole. They really enjoyed all the songs they learned. Lucia brought in The Lion King CD. We had some really great dancers: Peter, Monica, Stella, Felipe, Reese and Rose showed off their moves. We are sad to say good-bye to our buddy Jacob who is now next door in the Delights. We will miss you, but we know you are excited to go. We say hello and welcome to our new classmate, Zoe who is coming to us from the Scooters class. She is happy to be the new Bloomer. We look forward to the month of June as we get ready for Father’s Day. We leave you with our song: TABLE MANNERS (Tune of: Are You Sleeping?) Chewing quietly, chewing quietly. Do not slurp, do not slurp. We must say excuse me. We must say excuse me, When we burp. When we burp. Thank you to all the parents for the food and gifts you gave to us. Until next month. Love, Ms. Elvi & Ms. Martha FANTASTICS GRADUATION IS ON ITS WAY Put it on your calendar now. The Fantastics Graduation will be Friday, th June 8 in Matheson Hammock Park. We will have the pavilion once again. This is a fun family event, and includes our BBQ. Delights We have reached the end of our academic year! Congratulations Delights, You you made it! It has been such an enjoyable year for all of us. This class is the epitome of a school family. I have loved watching them play so nicely together and help each other solve problems. This group has taught me that love really conquers all things. I never imagined i would grow to love them as much I do. They are all such WONDERFUL kids. After asking the class what their favorite part of being a Delight was, these were their responses: Alexander- I liked helping the trees. Julia- I liked playing with Trevor. Sidney- I liked playing with the white pony. Mia D.- I liked getting hugs from Ms.Lianne. JUNE 2012 4

Declan- I liked reading Alphatales. Dalton- I liked building aliens out of the alien legos. Mia M.- I like painting. Trevor- I likes playing the wood blocks. Christopher- I liked playing with the trucks. This year has been so much fun and I proudly welcome Jacob, Declan, and Jordan to the rest of it. They have already made new friends and are making a seamless transition into the Delights. Jacob enjoys playing in block area. Declan and Jordan like Discovery. I will miss my Delights as they slowly transition into Fantastics but am sure they are ready for the change. Come back to visit me!! Ms.Lianne Fantastics Welcome to the beautiful month of June. Lots of things will be happening during this month: the ending of the school year, the graduation of our VPK children, Father's Day, beginning of Summer and saying goodbye to some of our children. First of all we thank our Fantastics parents I, II, III for their support and involvement in their VPK year. Your support made for a successful year. We are so proud of every single child. They are amazing, unique and they are going to do excellent work in their new school. We just ask you to please don't forget us. Come visit us and let us know how your child is doing. Some of our children are moving out of state like Keelan. We wish him the best in California! Fedor is going to spend two months in Russia. Others are going to summer camps! During the past 10 months Fantastic II and I shared and learned so much from each other. A group of 6 competitive girls who ruled over my four boys!! Fedor, the curious, funny boy who stole our hearts with his silly and unique questions. Keelan telling us silly stories during lunch time and always polite to everyone. Joshua, the serious boy who spent his time building things and analyzing what the others have to say. He would always tell the girls " STOP COMPLAINING. " Teo, who learned English so fast with the help of his best friend Keelan, was always ready to participate in reading activities. He was always the first one raising his hand to give it a try. The super girls: Kimberly, sweet, tough, motherly. She made every parent feel special by giving them drawings of hearts. Madelyn, girly, dreamer, hugger, goofy, defendant of her rights, and always right " That's what she said." She always had an answer, and a why for everything. Stephanie is a tough cookie, very competitive, she loves art and also jealous. She did not want to share me (Licinia) with anyone during nap time. Marianna, very shy girl that learned how to speak up for herself. She was protected from her friends in such a beautiful way that I have never seen it before. Caitlin with that New Yorker accent, competitive too and always proud of her work. When she wanted to know something she will tell me "Licinia, Goggle it." Marella will be with us next school year, she is writing so beautifully and she will miss her friends too. Good luck to all our graduates, We will miss you soooo much!! We had quite a rainy month so our outdoor activities changed a little. We have been using sidewalk chalk to draw beautiful pictures on the sidewalk. The new “Kidfetti” sand in the sand table is very cool. Instead of sand, there are tiny plastic circles. We used the big Legos (Duplos) and the big plastic blocks to build structures. We are using the big truck to move toys around. To draw and color we used big sheets of paper on the floor or taped them to the wall. We colored with markers or crayons. We could not leave books out of the equation. We read some books with Ms. Gladys. We sure did our best to have outdoor fun time without getting wet. The walkway was full of happy friends. During Circle Time we discussed the weather, and our favorite activities when it rained. It went like this: “My favorite is the new sand table,” said Isabel. “Mine too,” said Tessa. “Well, I like to play with the trucks,” said Olivia. “Me too’” said Cannon. “Mine is the sidewalk chalk painting,” said Bridget. “It is also mine,“ said Morgan. “The Legos are my favorite,” said Leo. “Mine is sidewalk chalk,”said Cooper. “Me too,” said Adam. Mine are the trucks and cars,” said Chris. “Mine are sidewalk chalk and talking to the teachers,” said Connor. We all agreed that once in a while rainy days are great and our new planted flowers agreed too. Coming to the end of the school year is sad and exciting at the same time. Ready for new adventures but sad to leave our friends. Some of us are going to kindergarten, others to VPK. Some of us are going to new schools. Others will be here at CCC. We are all prepared for our new challenges. We will miss old JUNE 2012 5

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