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The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

The Young & the Restless - The Child Care Center

friends. We will be

friends. We will be making new friends. It has been a wonderful year for our school family. We thank our parents for all their help with homework, little class projects and class parties. You were great. Antoine as been very busy creating structures using the KidKnex building set. He makes cars and alien dogs. Alberto has been building some things like a vacuum, cars and flying bugs. Clara and Vy have been working with table blocks building towers. They also are making color patterns. Jacob and Eric have been building car ramps for their race cars. Every morning they set up the races for their friends to play. Emily and Marlena are taking gymnastics classes. They have been teaching each other new moves on the monkey bars. Marcelo has been spinning gears. He and his friends spin gears while bumping other gears making them fall off the table. Whoever stays on the table is the winner. Leilani is getting more adventurous using her climbing skills outdoors. th Happy Graduation on June 8 . A sad farewell to Fedor, Keelan, Clara and Antoine. See you next month. SCHOOL FAMILY SONG (Tune of You Are My Sunshine) You are my family, my school family. I feel so happy when we are here. I hope you know friends, How much I like you. When we are apart, I’ll keep you here. � BOOK FAIR Thank you for your support with our Annual Scholastic Book Fair. Your purchases enable the Center to purchase over $ 850.00 worth of books helping to expand our library of over 4200 titles. This is our largest sale amount EVER. Afternoon Programming INFANT - In the month of May we welcomed a new little girl named Elena. All of the other Infants have already welcomed her and she is doing great. Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to one of our little boys. Andres and his baby burberry cologne will be missed dearly. This month we celebrated Mother’s Day. The Infant room gave the Mom’s beautiful hand-painted garden boots with their children’s faces as the flowers. Most of our Infants gave their parents their own gifts. Charlie learned how to say flowers. Joseph, Lauren and Mark learned how to clap. This month the Infant room proudly saw Mark’s first steps. There is no stopping him, now. Next month we will be saying good-bye to Mark as he will be graduating from the Infant room to the Toddler room. We will be welcoming two new babies and more as the Summer moves on. Until next month. Sandra A TODDLER - Good-bye May. May was a beautiful month. The Toddlers celebrated Mother’s Day. We hope all our Mothers and Grandmothers had a special day. We also celebrated Memorial Day. Hello June and welcome Summer. We will be celebrating Summer Time by doing many outdoor activities. We will be celebrating Father’s Day. We are preparing a wonderful surprise for Father’s Day. We hope you like it and enjoy the summer. Have a wonderful Summer and Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers. Love, Dalia JUNE 2012 6

PRE-SCOOTERS - Hello. It is us again, the Pre- Scooters. This month of May we have been celebrating Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day during the afternoons. Taylor really loved making rainbow hearts this month. Henry, Violette, Audrey, Sofia and Caleb worked together to make a giant flower. They made it with cotton balls. Most of the kids had fun making a picture of the beach in honor of Summer coming up. That is all for now from the Pre-Scooters afternoon staff. Maria & Jessica SCOOTERS - Scooter A were excited about creating Mother’s Day projects. Michelle, Benjamin, Thomas and Eva were having a blast creating Heart greeting cards for Mommy. They are definitely becoming experts in pasting, gluing and coloring. It showed that their motor skills are improving. Kai, Gustavo and Penny are also enjoying their art work. Their creative imaginations are demonstrated with construction paper, glue and many colors. Their Bouquet of flowers is then well presented. Rain, rain go away! That is the song our Scooters have been singing lately. Olivia sings it loudly and tells us it is working. Ivan joins her and points out the dark clouds and lightening. Ethan L enjoys the rain. He tells Anthony rain is good. Isabella loves playing in the Kitchen Area whenever we do centers. Ethan Ka always grabs the toy tiger when it is playtime. We had so much fun this month. However, we would not mind a bit more sunshine. Alejandrina, Sandra, Paola & Josephine BLOOMERS - This month has passed very quickly. It has been a very wet month. We made umbrellas, flowers, water drops and fish. The children enjoyed making the art projects and using blue paint. We reviewed colors and shapes and sang many songs. Mother’s Day came and went. We hope everyone had a Happy Day. We welcomed Ms. Elizabeth who has joined our class. We said good-bye to Ms. Maria who is now with the Pre-Scooters. Thank you to all the parents who sent goodies this month. Until next time. Ms. Beatriz & Ms. Elizabeth DELIGHTS - This month was full of fun, new and exciting things. This month we had Mother’s Day. We had lots of fun activities for the Mothers. We also had Teachers Appreciation Week. We let all the teachers know how much we appreciate their work. Mia M and Bridget love to play on the bridge. Adam, Declan and Cooper love to play “girls chase boys.” Next month is time for a change. Ms. Lashon will be moving to the Scooter B class. Ms. Aurora will be joining us in the afternoons. We will be welcoming new friends from the Bloomers. We say welcome to the new Delights. FANTASTICS - The Fantastics have been busy this month practicing for graduation. We are looking forward to celebrating with our families. As the school year comes to a close we will fondly remember all the close friends we have made. Three children in particular: Fedor, Clara and Keelan will be making an early good-bye. We have been making special gifts in hopes the children will always remember their friends from the Child Care Center. In addition to all the activities going on, we celebrated Alberto and Vy’s fifth birthday. We hope the children will return for visits. They will be greatly missed. You will always know where to find us. � Lynn & Sarah From the Director's Desk E A S Y T O L O V E , DIFFICULT TO DISCIPLINE: The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation by Becky Bailey, Quill: New York, 2000. Pp. 191 - 194. INTENTION: THE KEY TO SUCCESS All of us have experienced the consequences of our behavior. PUNITIVE INTENT: MAKING THEM FEEL BAD If you deliver consequences with the aim of making JUNE 2012 7

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