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Training & Development Mentoring & Coaching HR Consulting

Training & Development Mentoring & Coaching HR Consulting

We design the learning

We design the learning experience with other methodologies like: � Simulated activities � Role plays � Scenario Building � Brainstorming � Practice sessions � Case Studies � Team games � Adventure activities With Experiential learning and NLP techniques, Lotus Quest creates an impact on participants and generates in them a quest for perfection. As an organization addressing your human capital, we focus on individual as well as organisational growth. Learning & Development Programmes Lotus Quest offers unique learning & development options in various areas, taking into consideration specific requirements of the organisations: I. Leadership Development Programmes II. Direction & Strategy III. Organisational Skills development IV. Coaching & Mentoring V. Personal Development VI. Sales Training & Coaching VII. Customer Service VIII. HR Specific Programmes Leadership development All Programmes at a Glance LDP-1 Strategic leadership for Senior Executives LDP-2 Orchestrating High Performance LDP-3 Visioning & Goal Setting LDP-4 Driving Innovation and Creativity LDP-5 Managing the Managers LDP-6 Leading diverse teams with global mindset LDP-7 First Time Leaders - Towards Vibrant Leadership LDP-8 Middle level Leaders - Achieving Credible Leadership LDP-9 Transformational Leadership (Advance Programme)

Direction & Strategy DS-1 Leading and Mastering Change DS-2 From Strategy to Implementation DS-3 Building Knowledge Intensive Organisation DS-4 Engaging & Retaining Top Talent DS-5 Cultural Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions Organisational Skills Development OSD-1 Successful Planning & Execution OSD-2 Effective Decision Making & Problem Solving OSD-3 Successful Team Building OSD-4 Credible Performance Appraisal OSD-5 Effective Conflict Management OSD-6 Motivation & Influencing for great results OSD-7 Emotional Management in Work place OSD-8 Effective Time Management & Delegation OSD-9 Winning Communication for high performance OSD-10 Successful Interviewing Skills OSD-11 Winning Presentation skills OSD-12 Win-win Appraisal Meetings OSD-13 Mastering People Skills (Comprehensive Programme) OSD-14 Confident Entrepreneur Manager Coaching & Mentoring CM-1 Transforming Managers into Coaches (Coach Training) CM-2 Executive Coaching – One to One Engagement CM-3 Effective Mentoring Relationship Initiation – (Combined) CM-4 Training Workshop for Mentors

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