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The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

2012 o r g a n i s e r s

2012 o r g a n i s e r s a n d c o m m i t t e e s Conference Secretary Gareth Myles: University of Exeter and Institute for Fiscal Studies Programme Chair Francesco Caselli: London School of Economics Deputy Programme Chair Chryssi Giannitsarou: University of Cambridge Local Organisers Pramila Krishnan: University of Cambridge Solomos Solomou: University of Cambridge Media Sam Fleming: Economics Editor, The Times Romesh Vaitlingham: The Times Media Bob Denham: The Times Media David Warsh: Economics Writer: Programme Committee Johannes Abeler: University of Nottingham Yunus Aksoy: Birbeck College London Oriana Bandiera: London School of Economics Tiago Cavalcanti: University of Cambridge Arnaud Chevalier: Royal Holloway London Peter Dolton: Royal Holloway London Aytek Erdil: University of Cambridge Marcel Fafchamps: University of Oxford Elisa Faraglia: University of Cambridge Gianni de Fraja: University of Leicester Jayant Ganguli: University of Nottingham Sotiris Georganas: Royal Holloway London Rafaella Giacomini: University College London Chryssi Giannitsarou: University of Cambridge Richard Green: University of Birmingham Antonio Guarino: University College London Mai Guell: University of Edinburgh Vassilis Hajivassiliou: London School of Economics Tim Hatton: University of Essex Ethan Ilzetzki: London School of Economics Giammario Impullitti: University of Cambridge Keyu Jin: London School of Economics Mireia Jofre-Bonet: City University London Tatiana Kirsanova: University of Glasgow John Knowles: University of Southampton Victor Lavy: Royal Holloway London Hamish Low: University of Cambridge Rocco Macchiavello: University of Warwick Marco Manacorda: Queen Mary London Frederike Mengel: University of Nottingham Claudio Mezzetti: University of Warwick Guy Michaels: London School of Economics Kaushik Mitra: University of St Andrews Karen Mumford: University of York Francesco Nava: London School of Economics Kyriakos Neanidis: University of Manchester Patrick Nolen: University of Essex Alexei Onatski: University of Cambridge Matthias Parey: University of Essex Barbara Petrongolo: London School of Economics Fabien Postel-Vinay: University of Bristol Pontus Rendahl: University of Cambridge Helene Rey: London Business School Robert Sauer: University of Bristol Kim Scharf: University of Warwick Pasquale Schiraldi: London School of Economics Sarah Smith: University of Bristol Ran Spiegler: University College London Paul Temple: University of Surrey Katrin Tinn: Imperial Business School Flavio Toxvaerd: University of Cambridge Tommaso Valletti: Imperial Business School Fabian Waldinger: University of Warwick Horst Zank: University of Manchester 12

o r g a n i s e r s a n d c o m m i t t e e s 2012 Administrative Support Yvonne Gibbs: University of Cambridge Nirusha Vigi: University College London Helen Hammond: University of Cambridge Conference Assistants Shan Aman Rana Anja Baum Annari de Waal Povilas Lastauskas Marta Rocha Selma Telalagic Kristina Bluwstein Shuo Chen Zhoulei Chen Jie Ding Stephan Havranek Muling Hong Conghui Liu 13 Bella Liu Mengying Liu Neelum Maqsood Parth Mehrotra Michal Pietrkiewicz Stuti Saksena Mayank Soni Eu-Gene Toh Yvonne Zhang Xingchen Zhao Huani Zhu Yukun Ling Manasa Patnam Current membership of the ReS Council President: Professor R Blundell Immediate Past President: Vacant Cath Sleeman Nadia Chernenko Mariarosaria Comunale Oliver Latham Ansgar Walther Paul Baker Irina Shaorshadze Teodora Boneva Alice Kuegler James Brugler Zsoka Koczan James Rutt Kai Lui Vice-Presidents: Sir Tony Atkinson, Lord Burns, Sir Partha Dasgupta, F H Hahn, J M Hardie, Sir David Hendry, Sir James Mirrlees, S J Nickell, R Portes, P Rowlatt, A K Sen, A Silberston, J Sutton To hold office until AGM 2012: S Flanders, M H Pesaran, Lord Skidelsky, E Berglöf, J P Thomas, C Meghir To hold office until AGM 2013: C Giles, P A Grout, G Laroque, H Rey, D C Webb, H. Peyton Young To hold office until AGM 2014: S Burgess, N Crafts, S Dale, D Miles, M Stevens, C Waddams To hold office until AGM 2015: M Armstrong, K Blackburn, P Mason, D Ramsden, L Reichlin, P Wallace To hold office until AGM 2016: P. Collier, J. Grice, J. Haskel, G. Levy, G. Lyons, A. Prat Treasurer: M Robson

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