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The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society


Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee The 2012 Mentoring Meetings 16 and 17 July 2012 at the University of York In the US, CSWEP (the Committee on the Status of Women Economists in the Profession) has for many years run a successful mentoring event for junior female faculty members (see This year, the RES Women’s Committee is running a similar scheme for UK-based early career female lecturers and senior PhD students who are invited to attend a series of small group and panel sessions run by senior Mentors over a two-day programme. The panel sessions will cover topics such as getting published and writing successful grant applications, while the small group sessions will focus on participants’ research papers and provide an opportunity for detailed comment and feedback. There will also be opportunity for the attendees to socialise with each other and their mentors during this event. Possibilities exist for the reimbursement of attendance-accommodation costs and/or local advance economy offpeak return train fares. If you are interested in this event please contact Karen Mumford (Chair, RES Women’s Committee, by Monday April 2. Places are strictly limited, however, and may be allocated on a first come basis prior to that date. 14

Review of Finance Volume 16 Number 1 2012 ECONOMICS FROM OXFORD JOURNALS Review of Finance Volume 16 Number 1 2012 2 ISSN 1572-3097 (Print) ISSN 1573-692X (Online) The Review of Financial Studies Financial Studies Are Corporate Default Probabilities Consistent with the Static Trade-off Theory? Armen Hovakimian, Ayla Kayhan, and Sheridan Titman Macroeconomic Conditions and Capital Raising Isil Erel, Brandon Julio, Woojin Kim, and Michael S. Weisbach Assessing TARP Dinara Bayazitova and Anil Shivdasani Do Country-level Investor Protections Aff ect Security-level Contract Design? Evidence from Foreign Bond Covenants Darius P. Miller and Natalia Reisel Jumps and Information Flow in Financial Markets Suzanne S. Lee Optimal Corporate Governance and Compensation in a Dynamic World Thomas H. Noe and Michael J. Rebello Takeover Bidding with Signaling Incentives Tingjun Liu Performance of Institutional Trading Desks: An Analysis of Persistence in Trading Costs Amber Anand, Paul Irvine, Andy Puckett, and Kumar Venkataraman Commodity Liquidity Measurement and Transaction Costs Ben R. Marshall, Nhut H. Nguyen, and Nuttawat Visaltanachoti Published on behalf of The Society for Financial Studies Scan to view this journal on your mobile device The Review of Asset Pricing Studies Asset Pricing Studies Jensen’s Inequality, Parameter Uncertainty, and Multi-period Investment Mark Grinblatt and Juhani T. Linnainmaa Limited Investor Attention and Stock Market Misreactions to Accounting Information David Hirshleifer, Sonya S. Lim, and Siew Hong Teoh Does a Central Clearing Counterparty Reduce Counterparty Risk? Darrell Duffi e and Haoxiang Zhu Asset Pricing Tests with Long-run Risks in Consumption Growth George M. Constantinides and Anisha Ghosh Published on behalf of The Society for Financial Studies Review of Finance Volume 16 Number 1 January 2012 Journal of the European Finance Association Contents Articles Information Asymmetry, Information Precision, and the Cost of Capital Richard A. Lambert, Christian Leuz and Robert E. Verrecchia Volatility in Equilibrium: Asymmetries and Dynamic Dependencies Tim Bollerslev, Natalia Sizova and George Tauchen What Drives Market Share in the Mutual Fund Industry? Ajay Khorana and Henri Servaes Explaining Corporate Capital Structure: Product Markets, Leases, and Asset Similarity Joshua D. Rauh and Amir Sufi The Dynamics of Venture Capital Contracts Carsten Bienz and Julia Hirsch Who Disciplines Bank Managers? Klaus Schaeck, Martin Cihak, Andrea Maechler and Stephanie Stolz The Role of Venture Capital Syndication in Value Creation for Entrepreneurial Firms Xuan Tian Financial Markets Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Agents Jakša Cvitanić, Elyès Jouini, Semyon Malamud and Clotilde Napp Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy APPLIED ECONOMIC Agricultural & Applied Economics Association President: Robert P. King, University of Minnesota President-Elect: Richard Sexton, University of California, Davis Past President: Thomas W. Hertel, Purdue University Executive Director: Kristin Agard Directors AND POLICY Bruce A. Babcock, Iowa State University Formerly Review of Agricultural Economics Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University Lori Lynch, University of Maryland James M. MacDonald, USDA-Economic Research Service GianCarlo Moschini, Iowa State University Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Colorado State University Jayson L. Lusk and F. Bailey Norwood Mission Statement Carl Johan Lagerkvist, Helena Hansson, Sebastian Hess, and Ruben Hoffman To enhance the skills, knowledge, and professional contributions of economists who help society solve agricultural, development, environmental, food and consumer, natural resource, regional, rural, and associated applied economics and business problems. Membership Calendar-year William Foster, Alberto dues, Valdés, Benjamin including Davis, and all Gustavo AAEA Anríquez publications are as follows: Regular members $125; Young Professionals $75; Senior (retired and 65+) members $75; Student members $25; Family $225. Members 55 and older may purchase lifetime memberships. Members will receive the following publications: American Journal of Agricultural Economics (five issues per year), Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (four issues per year), Choices (four issues per year), Policy Issues, and The Exchange newsletter of the AAEA (six issues per year). For Robert more J. Johnston information and John C. Bergstrom about the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, please contact: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, 555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI 53202; PERSPECTIVES Tiho Ancev American Journal of Scan to view this journal on your mobile device Agricultural Economics Editors JEFFREY DORFMAN, DAVID A. HENNESSY, ERIK LICHTENBERG, J. EDWARD TAYLOR Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Association of Environmental and Resource Economists AERE AERE 1 1 1 Browse all of our economics journals and sign up for email alerts at American Journal of Agricultural Economics Volume 94 • Number 2 • 2012 2 1467-8276 (online) 0002-9092 (print) Volume 94 Robert P. King, Presidential Address, The Science of Design Number 2 T.W. Schultz Lecture, Kahneman’s Psychology of Value Proceedings John Quiggin, Fellows Address, Stabilizing the Global Climate: A Simple and Robust Benefit-Cost Analysis January 2012 ASSA Meeting Invited Paper Sessions The Economics of the Organic Food System Insights into Obesity from a Behavioral Economics Perspective Climate Change Policy Design Agricultural Extension, Transactions Costs, and Supply Response Cooperation, Reciprocity and Altruism in Developing Countries Agricultural Export Restrictions AAEA Meeting Invited Paper Sessions Experiments with Farmers: Risk, Ambiguity, and Discounting Farm Labor and Immigration in the United States Food Safety Issues in China and Its Impact on U.S. Markets through Trade Measuring WTP for Animal Welfare in Agricultural Production Agricultural Policy Reform for the 2012 Farm Bill Rural Wealth Creation Sensory Analysis and Consumer Willingness-to-Pay Invited Paper Case Studies Award Winning Papers AAEA Business Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Volume 6 Issue 1 Winter 2012 Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Volume 6 Issue 1 Winter 2012 2 THE REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES New in 2011 ISSN 1750-6816 (Print) ISSN 1750-6824 (Online) Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Volume 6 Issue 1 Winter 2012 Features Symposium Articles Progress and Challenges in Valuing Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services, Edward B. Barbier Forest Figures: Ecosystem Services Valuation and Policy Evaluation in Developing Countries, Paul J. Ferraro, Kathleen Lawlor, Katrina L. Mullan, and Subhrendu K. Pattanayak Evaluating Policies to Increase Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy, Richard Schmalensee Post-Kyoto International Climate Policy Architecture Three Key Elements of a Post-2012 International Climate Policy Architecture, Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins Politically Feasible Emissions Targets to Attain 460 ppm CO Concentrations, 2 Valentina Bosetti and Jeffrey Frankel Linking Policies When Tastes Differ: Global Climate Policy in a Heterogeneous World, Gilbert E. Metcalf and David Weisbach Policy Monitor—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements, Charles Griffiths, Heather Klemick, Matt Massey, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, David Simpson, Patrick Walsh, and William Wheeler Reflections—Defining and Measuring Sustainability, Geoffrey Heal Announcements New in 2012

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