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The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

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m o n d a y 2 6 m a r c h t u e s d a y 2 7 m a r c h w e d n e s d a y 2 8 m a r c h 2012 s p e c i a l s e s s i o n s Special Session C4 Date: 28 March 2012 Public Sector Employment and Labour Market Equilibrium Time: 11.30 – 13.00 Organiser: Fabien Postel-Vinay; University of Bristol Location: Urney Room Chair: Fabien Postel-Vinay; University of Bristol Public Sector Employment in an Equilibrium Search and Matching Model By James Albrecht, Susan Vroman; Georgetown University, Lucas Navarro; ILADES, Universidad Alberto Hurtado Presented by: James Albrecht; Georgetown University Fiscal Policy And The Labour Market: The Effects Of Public Sector Employment And Wages Presented by: Pedro Gomes; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: a Structural Model By Jake Bradley, Fabien Postel-Vinay, and Hélène Turon; University of Bristol Presented by: Fabien Postel-Vinay; University of Bristol Special Session C5 Date: 28 March 2012 Young Talent Time: 11.30 – 13.00 Organiser: Royal Economic Society Location: Elton Room Chair: Richard Blundell; University College London and Royal Economic Society Credit Constraints and Growth in a Global Economy Presented by: Keyu Jin; London School of Economics Home Equity, Mobility, and Macroeconomic Fluctuations Presented by: Vincent Sterk; University College London Information and Collective Action in Community Monitoring of Schools: Field and Lab Experimental Evidence from Uganda By Abigail Barr; University of Nottingham, Frederick Mugisha; EPRC, Pieter Serneels; University of East Anglia, Andrew Zeitlin; University of Oxford Presented by: Andrew Zeitlin; University of Oxford 32

s u m m a r y o f g e n e r a l s e s s i o n s 2012 March 26, 2012 16:00-17:30 March 27, 2012 9:30-11:00 33 General Sessions A General Sessions B Location Title 1 Auditorium (Robinson College) Econometrics I 2 Umney Theatre (Robinson College) Asset Pricing I 3 Junior Common Room (Robinson College) Topics In Political Economy 4 Music Room (Robinson College) Macroeconomic Fluctuations I 5 Games Room (Robinson College) Monetary Economics I 6 Linnett Room (Robinson College) Systemic and Sovereign Risk 7 Garden Room (Robinson College) Growth Theory 8 Auditorium Lounge (Robinson College) Topics In Macroeconomics 9 Umney Lounge (Robinson College) Corporate Finance 10 TR7 (Robinson College) Game Theory I 11 Teaching Room A (Robinson College) Preferences and Choice I 12 J8 (Robinson College) Marriage and Divorce 13 GR04 (Faculty of English) Household Finance 14 GR05 (Faculty of English) Female Labor Supply 15 GR06 (Faculty of English) Policy and Labor Markets 16 GR07 (Faculty of English) Unemployment 17 Riley Auditorium (Clare College) Pricing I 18 Elton Room (Clare College) Education Policy I 19 Bennett Room (Clare College) Peer Effects 20 Bowring Room (Clare College) Proximity in Trade and Innovation 21 Glover Room (Clare College) Topics In Trade I 22 Lecture Room 2 (West Road Concert Hall) Health Choices 23 Lecture Room 1 (West Road Concert Hall) Child Health In Developing Countries I 24 Lecture Room 3 (West Road Concert Hall) Experimental Economics I 25 Main Concert Hall (West Road Concert Hall) Environmental Economics I Location Title 26 Auditorium (Robinson College) Econometrics II 27 Umney Theatre (Robinson College) Asset Pricing II 28 Junior Common Room (Robinson College) International Finance 29 Music Room (Robinson College) Consumption in Developing Countries 30 Games Room (Robinson College) Debt and Crises 31 Linnett Room (Robinson College) Financial Frictions in DSGE Models 32 Garden Room (Robinson College) Macroeconomic Theory I 33 Auditorium Lounge (Robinson College) Monetary Policy I 34 Umney Lounge (Robinson College) Sovereign Debt 35 TR7 (Robinson College) Endogenous Growth 36 Teaching Room A (Robinson College) Public Goods and Taxation 37 J8 (Robinson College) Institutions, Culture and Development 38 GR04 (Faculty of English) Fertility 39 GR05 (Faculty of English) Wage Inequality 40 GR06 (Faculty of English) Mechanisms and Contracts I 41 GR07 (Faculty of English) Economics of Networks 42 Riley Auditorium (Clare College) Pricing II 43 Elton Room (Clare College) Values, Ideology, and Policy Choices 44 Bennett Room (Clare College) Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade 45 Bowring Room (Clare College) Trade and Quality 46 Glover Room (Clare College) Teacher Incentives 47 Lecture Room 2 (West Road Concert Hall) Experimental Economics II 48 Lecture Room 1 (West Road Concert Hall) Economics of Happiness I 49 Lecture Room 3 (West Road Concert Hall) Infectious Diseases: Causes, Consequences and Policy 50 Main Concert Hall (West Road Concert Hall) Environmental Economics II

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