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The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

The Austin Robinson Memorial Prize - Royal Economic Society

2012 a n n u a l c o n f

2012 a n n u a l c o n f e r e n c e Royal economic Society The Royal Economic Society was founded in 1890 to promote and foster the study of economic science Today, the main objectives of the Society are: • To ensure that its scientific journals, The Economic Journal and The Econometrics Journal are regularly published, widely read and circulated, have high impact and attract an adequate supply of high-quality papers from an international range of authors. • To distribute and publish on its website briefings summarising new economic research findings presented at its annual conference and published in each issue of The Economic Journal. • To fund and organise the RES Annual Conference to provide an excellent forum for both general lectures and more specialised presentations from international speakers in economics • To bring the best communicators in the economics profession into contact with a wide public and to show the importance of top-quality economic research through the Society’s Annual Public Lecture • To fund and organise The Young Economist of the Year award, an annual essay competition for UK and international young economists focused on sixth form school students • To support and fund a Postgraduate (PhD) Conference & Job Market, an annual service both for PhD students seeking academic jobs in the UK or elsewhere in Europe and UK and European university economics departments wishing to recruit lecturers • To support and jointly fund the two RES Training Schools, held at the University of Birmingham and intended primarily for advanced postgraduate students doing doctoral research but also open to members of the teaching and research staff. • To fund a programme of Small Grants, Special Project Grants, Conference Grants and Junior Fellowships to provide financial support to individuals and academic bodies to assist in the progress and further study of economics. In particular, the Society assists postgraduate students to attend the RES Annual Conference, to present and discuss their research and provides annual one-year Junior Fellowships for a number of third and fourth year students undertaking teaching and research. For further details on the Royal Economic Society please go to RES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Time: 15:00 Monday 26 March 2012 Location: West Road Theatre, Cambridge All Members of the Society are invited to attend and have been provided the agenda in advance. 4

The third Autumn School organised by the Royal Economic Society, with financial support from the Economic and Social Research Council, will be held at The University of Birmingham from Sunday 9th September 2012 – Thursday 13th September 2012. The School is intended primarily for advanced postgraduate students doing doctoral research but is also open to members of the teaching and research staff. The purpose is to enable participants to become acquainted with the latest developments in the selected fields of economics, to have the opportunity for study and discussion with an internationally renowned expert in the topics covered, and to meet other young researchers. In 2012, the subject of the school will be New Developments in International Trade and Macroeconomics. The lecturers will be Professor Francesco Caselli (LSE) and Professor Peter Neary (Oxford). Further information can be found at events/index3.aspx. Places are available for 25 resident participants. Accommodation and meals will be provided for the duration of the course. Nominations must be made through the applicant’s Head of Department and should be supported by a short CV, a reference, and a note on the applicant’s research interests. Applications should be submitted no later than Friday 8th June 2012 by post to the Royal Economic Society Easter School Secretary, Department of Economics, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT or by email: Successful applicants will be informed in July 2012. 5 The Royal Economic Society 2012 Autumn School At The University of Birmingham For more information on the Royal Economic Society

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