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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Literature: “Light is

Literature: “Light is the diamond’s soul”, wrote Joseph Joubert, a French essayist, in the 18th century. Right after the diamond, zirconium oxide is the hardest known material, strong enough to resist the teeth of time. An attractive smile: we see pearl-white teeth all the time in films and in adver- tising. Well-informed and demanding patients come to the dentist with high expectations. Beautiful restorations that are long-lasting, compatible to tissues and free of metal must match the remaining teeth harmoniously. The treatment should also be as fast as possible. With the “Beauty and Speed” concept from DENTSPLY Friadent, practitioners will find customized solutions for results that appear identical to nature “Beauty and Speed” represents the company’s concept for the complete range of implant dental expertise. Implant systems with advanced, proven designs are suitable for all indications. Immediate implant placement and immediate loading reduce the treatment time. With the growth-activating microstructure of the new surface, advanced treatment components, bone grafting materials and instruments, DENTSPLY Friadent concentrates on comprehensive bone and soft tissue regeneration. Prefabricated crown abut- ments in an anatomical design provide superior esthetics in dental restora- tions. The ease of processing the new porcelain CERCON ® abutments helps avoid time-consuming correction sessions. Creamy white like ivory or white like snow – the new generation of ceramic implant abutments are making an impact. As beautiful as a smile and as solid as a diamond: CERCON ® crown abutments are setting a new, “diamond standard” in implant prosthodontics. 1_Kluckhuhn C: Die Geschichte des Lächelns. Mona Lisa hatte nichts zu lachen [The history of the smile. Mona Lisa had nothing to laugh about]. ZM 2003; 93 (19): 34-43 2_Lorat T: Die Geschichte des Zahnersatzes – ein Überblick. Wanderausstellung des VDZI [The history of the denture – an overview. Travelling exhibition of the VDZI]. 3_Edelstein-Knigge von Prof. Leopold Rössler [Precious stone reference by Prof. Leopold Rössler].

White haze as an enchanting veil: Fog – a white mist – transparent and translucent, broken by sun rays

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