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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

light_12 bright_light

light_12 bright_light Tooth design, long-term success of a restoration and color conformity of natural and artificial teeth are the prerequisites of a highly esthetic restora- tion. To achieve this, both the dental professional and the dental technician must take into account the esthetic aspect of the natural teeth and the material used. The ideal synergy of mechanical, functional, biolo- gical and esthetic features contributes significantly to the esthetic result of a ceramic implant restora- tion. In order to represent a truly alternative treat- ment option, ceramic restorations must have the same cosmetic and functional characteristics as natural dentition. Natural teeth optimally combine hardness, strength, durability and light dynamics. What is Light? Light is an electromagnetic radiation that can be perceived by the normal unaided human eye. It can therefore be described like all other types of radia- tion, by its wavelength. 380 nm THE RIGHT LIGHT FOR A BRIGHT WHITE The different effects that electromagnetic waves have are dependent on their wavelength. Visually, perceivable light is only a small portion of the elec- Röntgen Mikrowelle UKW MW Gamma UV IR Radar TV KW LW 1 pm 1 nm 1 µm 1 mm 1 m 1 km tromagnetic wave spectrum. It goes from the short-waved gamma ray (located on the left side of the spectrum) to the ultraviolet and infrared wave, to the long waved radio and broadcast wave located on the right side of the spectrum. The light visible to man is in the area of 380 to 720 nm. Different wavelengths set the color impression with this spectrum. For example, the blue appears at about 400 nm, the green at about 550 nm and the red at about 700 nm. The light seems colorless when the complete light spectrum is reflected back evenly. The light seems colored, when the various wave parts are reflected back at different intensities. FRIADENT CERCON ® Light Dynamics The characteristics of FRIADENT ® CERCON ® im- plant abutments and ceramic restorations are also based on the phenomena of reflection and transmission of light. The light dynamic proper- ties to be distinguished are opalescence, translu- cence and fluorescence. Opalescence is an optical characteristic of 720 nm ceramics which refers to the ability to transfer a

specific range of light (red-orange shades), and to reflect the other wavelengths (blue-violet shades). Translucence is the stage between complete opacity (such as ivory) and complete transpa- rency (such as glass). Fluorescence is the ability of ceramics to ab- sorb radiation energy and emit it as a different wavelength. This provides the ceramic restora- tion a “natural” look. The aim of a study conducted by Dres. D. EDELHOFF (University of Aache/Germany) and J. SORENSEN (Oregon Health & Science Uni- versity/USA)* quantified the light transmission through all-ceramic frameworks dependent on two luting materials. Disk shaped specimens (16 x 0,9 mm) were made of various ceramics of shade A3 (Vident): Densely sintered aluminium oxide, infiltrated aluminium oxide, infiltrated magnesium-aluminum-oxide, infiltrated alumi- nium oxide/zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, yttrium stabilized zirconium dioxide. 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Light transmission through all-ceramic framework and cement combinations The ceramic disks were covered with an 0.1 mm layer of zinc phosphate (Harvard Dental) or dual cured resin cement (Variolink transparent, IV). As a reference, uncovered 1 mm ceramic disks were employed. Three samples per group were tested after 30 days storage in artificial saliva. Light trans- mitted through the specimen was determined in a spectrophotometer (DU-7, Beckman) by direct transmission coefficient (tc) [%] for wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm. The values were given as overall tc and calculated as integral 400-700 tc. The ANOVA test analysis showed significant (p

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