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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

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light_14 white_strength S TRENGTH SUPPORTS BEAUTY A CLINICAL CASE MEETING HIGH DEMANDS DR. JAN KIELHORN, RICARDA JANSEN Implant-supported restorations in the anterior region require a sophistica- ted concept for long-term esthetic results. To achieve a naturally shaped gingival contour the correct placement of the implants is at least as impor- tant as the flap design. Nevertheless, the superstructure has to support the attained result in a proper way to preserve soft tissue esthetics. In addition, the prosthetic parts need to allow a reconstruction of the missing teeth with an ideal shade and translucence. However, the restoration must be able to withstand loading forces. This meant a predicament for the clinicians and very often a compromise between might and beauty in the past. Today, the ideal material properties of zirconium oxide admit to fabricate gracile and very precise configurations that are able to bear extreme forces. For this reason, our team has been using CERCON ® (CAM; Cercon Smart,

DeguDent) for implant and galvano-prosthetic restorations (bridgeworks, telescopic restorations, bars) very successfully for a very long time. Besides a supremely gracile design and ideal translucence with a natural gingival outcome in the transgingival region, the full-ceramic zirconium oxide abutments allow a high degree of individual shaping in order to support the papilla. However, the evidence-based biological factors of zirconium oxide, e.g. reduction of plaque accumulation and the advantage of close adaptation of epithelial structures, are still underestimated in their positive influence on achieving long-term esthetics. Our concept of achieving high esthetic results in the anterior region by using restorations based on zirconium oxide is demonstrated in the following case description. light_15

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