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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent


CERCON ® BALANCE : A NEW PARAMETER IN ESTHETIC DENTISTRY PROF. DR. CARLOS DOS REIS P. DE ARAUJO MARIA ANGÉLICA REHDER ARAUJO white_size The introduction of ANKYLOS CERCON ® abutments with the Balance confi- guration has brought esthetics to a new dimension in implant dentistry. The properties of zirconium oxide are now well known and the use of this material brings many advantages to the dental technique from a mechanical point of view. The translucence, color reproduction, opalescence and fluorescence are quite unique when zirconium oxide abutments are utilized. Nevertheless, it is very important to explore certain clinical aspects even more thoroughly.

The ANKYLOS ® Balance abutment has a very interesting profile contour. It allows a nice transition from e.g. a 3.5 mm in implant head to a 7 mm dia- meter central incisor crown. But having such a change in terms of profile, the Balance abutment sometimes needs to be customized. This procedure is a very delicate one and is very much related to the depth to which the im- plant is placed surgically into the bone. It becomes more and more obvious that ANKYLOS ® implants can be placed subcrestally. The special features of this implant allow it to be placed in such a manner. Due to its taper connec- tion no bone loss has been registered over the years in our clinic. For this reason, the surgeon can place the implants up to 2 mm below the bone crest, and gradually increase the emergence profile all the way to reach the width of the anatomical tooth crown. The Balance abutment concept allows for placing implants more superficially, by suddenly enlarging the prosthetic component to restore the original tooth contour. Consequently, the emergence profile can easily be corrected to match the diameter and natural anatomy of the tooth to be replaced (fig. 1). A specific protocol* was developed by our group for this situation by first using the cost-effective ANKYLOS ® standard abutment, on top of which a provisional crown can be worked over weeks to bring out a correct soft tissue contour (figs. 2, 3). The cervical area is adapted to the natural gingival contour by using light-curing resin. To achieve the desired esthetic shape and the precise gingival architecture it is necessary to expand the soft tissue (fig. 4). light_25

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