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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent


light_06 NATURE AND ART SEEMED TO FLEE FROM ONE ANOTHER AND YET, UNEXPECTEDLY, THEY FOUND EACH OTHER. (GOETHE) AS BEAUTIFUL AS A SMILE Kings and queens and noblemen: in the past they did not dare to laugh in public for fear of exposing their rotten or missing teeth. In court they used a fan to hide their open mouth from general view. Now the situation is com- pletely different: public personalities happily display their teeth to the world. Modern dentistry and dental technology are responsible for this change. cercon ® _light How valuable are our teeth? Troughout the ages innovative cosmetic solutions were developed for tooth loss. The materials used have varied over time. Bone and stone, ebony* and ivory, gold and silver, pearl and porcelain have all been used to replace missing teeth. However, artistically made imitation teeth were a privilege reserved for the few who could afford them. One small comfort for burghers, beggars and fishermen: however well-made the denture, it could not be used for chewing. People have always wanted to be able to eat properly and laugh heartily in public even with missing teeth. However, it is only the profession of dental medicine that has made dentures and artificial teeth become available to the public in general. Implant dentistry is now the most advanced response to tooth loss, with implant-supported tooth restorations combining a high degree of chewing comfort and esthetics. * Dentures made of ebony were used in 17th-century Japan during “black teeth fashion”.

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