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Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

Perfect Harmony in White - DENTSPLY Friadent

light_08 Every tooth

light_08 Every tooth responds to light with flashes when the lips open to reveal shi- ning, vital teeth. The prismatic structure of the tooth enamel generates vary- ing degrees of brightness in the appearance of the teeth. Brilliance, light and translucence: a living interplay with light is particularly important in the front region. Artificial teeth matching in color and shape to the natural teeth are the hallmarks of a successful dental restoration. Modern dental research is devo- ted to the development of solid materials with refined qualities offering simi- lar refractive properties to those of the tooth enamel. Today’s dental ceramics are completely translucent materials. They are used to fabricate an artificial crown with exactly the same colour as the natural one, because porcelain is virtually identical to the natural material that makes up the tooth. The art of not looking artificial has been perfected with ceramics. Their appli- cation in implant prosthodontics has opened up a new era in esthetic tooth replacement. The synergy generated by the cooperation between DeguDent and DENTSPLY Friadent has led to the development of implant abutments of high-quality zirconium oxide. The two companies have combined their expertise in ceramic materials and implant dentistry. Implant dentists can now obtain anatomically shaped, customizable CERCON ® abutments. Snow-white or soft ivory – teeth look differently. DENTSPLY Friadent is the only manufacturer offering the new ceramic abutments in these two shades of white. CERCON ® brings light to the matter: its brilliance equals that of the natural dentition. The special purity of the ceramic superstructure is based on the phenomena of reflection and transmission of light. The beauty of the precious stone zircon dwells in zirconium oxide. This valuable stone is very similar to the “king of precious stones”, and it was used in jewellery manufacture as a substitute for diamond until the end of the seventies.

The ravishing beauty of nature’s white: Waterfalls – light refraction of water drops – a glistening source of light

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