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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

In addition, this case

In addition, this case illustrated that the current method used to account for the time worked by painters and other hourly employees needed to be reevaluated. Consequently, we recommended that current time clock usage and procedures be reviewed and revised, as necessary. We offered the following suggestions to aid in efforts to deter this and other types of time abuse: Results • All schools should have working clocks on a dedicated circuit. • At schools where clocks are in disrepair, a supervisor should be present on site at the beginning and end of each workday. • Painters and similarly situated employees should be required to sign in and sign out at an official log maintained by the school safety agent at their assigned work site. • Time clocks should be coded to be school specific. • The time stamp should be redesigned to prevent use of the “double card method.” • The condition of the site time clocks should be noted by the custodian at the school in the custodian’s daily logbook. Julian Gonzalez was suspended for 30 days without pay and faced charges seeking to terminate his employment. While awaiting a hearing, Gonzalez resigned and was placed on the ineligible list. Domenick Pace also resigned from his employment with the BOE and is not eligible to be rehired. For the most part, the suggestions to deter time abuse have not been implemented. Scheme to Defraud: Judy Kennedy and Robin Hughes Payroll Secretary Judy Kennedy and Teacher Robin Hughes, assigned to PS 181 in Community School District 17 in Brooklyn, engaged in a scheme to defraud the BOE during the 1999-2000 school year. Kennedy intentionally failed to enter Hughes’s unpaid maternity leave into the payroll system which allowed Hughes to receive her regular salary during her leave of nearly six months. That same year, Kennedy also entered two separate unauthorized grace periods into the payroll computer on Hughes’s behalf, resulting in additional undeserved salary payments to Hughes. In total, Hughes received $29,015.54 in unearned compensation. 20

This incident could have been avoided had the BOE terminated Kennedy’s employment in 1996, following her felony conviction for Grand Larceny, which resulted from another scheme to defraud the government. From October 1992 to April 1994, she received welfare checks even though she was working for the BOE. As a result, Kennedy stole over $13,000, which she was ordered to pay back to the government following her guilty plea. While the Office of Legal Services initially recommended to CSD 17 that Kennedy be fired, the General Counsel to the Chancellor subsequently suggested that a probationary extension or a reprimand letter would also be sufficient discipline. CSD 17 availed itself of these more lenient alternatives and retained Kennedy as the school’s payroll secretary. Recommendations We recommended that both Kennedy and Hughes be terminated from employment and made ineligible to hold future positions with the BOE. Moreover, we noted that Hughes should be required to pay back all unearned compensation. Our findings also were forwarded to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Results Both Judy Kennedy and Robin Hughes irrevocably resigned from their positions with the BOE and both are ineligible for future employment. In addition, Hughes agreed to pay back $26,613.95 to which she was not entitled. The Kings County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Kennedy and Hughes. Payroll Fraud: Danielle DiSanto and Dawn Cox Danielle DiSanto, a payroll secretary at PS 223 in District 27 in Queens, repeatedly falsified her own payroll records during the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 school years. During most of the 1999-2000 school year, DiSanto worked a part-time schedule while manipulating payroll records to ensure that she was paid as a full-time employee. In addition, with the assistance of Dawn Cox, a payroll secretary at PS 65 also in District 27, DiSanto falsely entered an additional 54 absences into the payroll system as 21

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