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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

“medically certified

“medically certified sick,” which allowed DiSanto to be paid for time to which she was not entitled. Finally, between February and March 2001, DiSanto took another 22 absences, which she attempted to excuse by submitting a forged doctor’s letter and an unapproved BOE grace period application. In sum, DiSanto received approximately $6,500 in salary for 76 unauthorized absences. Because DiSanto controlled her own timekeeping records, it was not possible to determine with specificity the number of additional days for which she was paid as a full-time employee while actually working part-time. Recommendations and Results We recommended that both Danielle DiSanto and Dawn Cox be terminated from their positions with the BOE and be barred from future employment. Moreover, that DiSanto should repay the amount for which she was unjustly compensated. We also referred our findings to the Queens County District Attorney. DiSanto irrevocably resigned her employment with the BOE and repaid $5,350. Cox agreed to a 3-month suspension without pay. The office of the Queens District Attorney decided not to prosecute the matter. Frank Zanotti: A Larceny at Ground Zero Goes Unreported Frank Zanotti, the Bronx Supervisor of Plumbers, stole disaster relief supplies from a Red Cross station located at PS 234 in Manhattan during the week following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. As a result, on October 16, 2001, investigators from this office arrested Zanotti on larceny charges. Information provided by a number of witnesses proved Zanotti’s criminal conduct. While working twelve-hour shifts from September 13 through September 16, 2001, to repair schools that suffered damage near “Ground Zero,” Zanotti was observed taking supplies, including large quantities of dog food and protective booties meant for the rescue animals, protective gear meant for rescue personnel, and some tools, from the Red Cross station set up within PS 234. 22

The outraged BOE employee who made an anonymous complaint to this office about the theft added that the same information had been reported to Division of School Facilities (“DSF”) supervisors, but Zanotti continued to work without any repercussions from his misconduct. In investigating the larceny, we found that the five BOE supervisors in DSF who had learned about the theft, and confirmed it through conversations with Zanotti, failed to report that information to either this office or the New York City Police Department. Instead, they discussed the matter among themselves and considered allowing Zanotti to return the stolen goods and retire. Some of these individuals candidly admitted that the concern about the negative publicity that would arise from such an embarrassing incident played a role in the failure to report. Moreover, we discovered that Zanotti earned an inordinate amount of overtime wages and, therefore, reviewed his pay history. As a result, this office discovered a lack of administrative oversight in the expenditure of overtime to workers in various skilled trades in the DSF. In fact, according to records from the BOE’s Division of Financial Operations, the skilled trades overtime budget was severely overspent during the 1999, 2000, and 2001 fiscal years. In addition, although cost-benefit comparisons between overtime In investigating Zanotti’s larceny, we found five DSF supervisors who learned about the theft, but failed to report it to SCI or the NYPD. expenditures, additional hiring, and contractual work had been discussed by DSF officials in the past, no in-depth analysis of these issues had been conducted or even requested by DSF or BOE officials. Results On October 16, 2001, Zanotti was arrested by investigators from this office and charged with Petit Larceny, Attempted Petit Larceny, and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property. He pleaded guilty on November 29, 2001, and was sentenced on January 8, 2002, to Probation for a period of 3 years with the condition that he receive psychiatric treatment. Zanotti, a 19-year veteran of the BOE, retired on October 4, 2001. He was placed on the ineligible list on October 29, 2001. 23

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