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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

Cheating The Children:

Cheating The Children: Educator Misconduct On Standardized Tests An investigation by this office uncovered widespread cheating by educators at 32 elementary and middle schools in all five boroughs to manipulate student performance on City and State examinations, primarily the Citywide reading and math examinations and the State reading and English Language Assessment tests. Our investigation began in July 1998 after a number of teachers at CES 90 and CES 88 in District 9 in the Bronx publicly exposed a history of cheating at those schools during the administration of standardized tests. After interviewing several students at that school, we learned that at least six educators, including the principal, improperly influenced the school’s performance. Our report cited 52 school employees for a variety of misconduct. The investigation revealed that educators frequently instructed students to place their answers on scrap paper that was subsequently corrected by proctors before the final responses were transferred onto the official bubble sheets. Others physically altered answer sheets, prompted students to change incorrect responses or provided students with practice exams that contained actual test questions. Our report further detailed the BOE’s handling of allegations of testing irregularities. A review of over twenty cases brought to the attention of the Chancellor’s office revealed that numerous instances of impropriety during the administration of tests were mishandled or completely disregarded by BOE officials. Educators responsible for corrupting the testing process went largely unpunished and in many cases unduly influenced the status of their respective schools. In addition, students whose performances were affected by misconduct often had their scores invalidated and deleted from official records, thus hindering an accurate assessment of their educational abilities and needs. Our investigation began after a number of teachers at CES 90 and CES 88 in the Bronx publicly exposed a history of cheating at those schools during the administration of standardized tests. 34

Recommendations and Results We recommended termination of employment for 12 individuals, including 5 at CES 90: Principal Richard Wallin, Dean Eugene Mendelsohn, Testing Coordinator Susan Tasch, and teachers William Hegarty and Nancy Mendelsohn. Wallin retired in August 2001 and has been placed on the BOE’s ineligible list; Eugene Mendelsohn and Nancy Mendelsohn both resigned effective July 2002 and are ineligible for employment; Susan Tasch was suspended for six months without pay. An administrative hearing officer dismissed Hegarty from his employment after finding the teacher guilty of misconduct. We also recommended termination of employment for the principal at PS 234; however, in January 2002, following a hearing on the charges brought against her, the principal was found not guilty. In addition, we recommended that disciplinary action be taken against 40 other educators for their misconduct. The vast majority of these individuals were reprimanded for their conduct and received letters of discipline in their files. We further recommended that the BOE devise a coherent procedure for identifying and exposing such misconduct. Following the release of our report, we noticed that administrators and other educators have become more sensitive to possible instances of cheating and report suspected wrongdoing with greater frequency. In light of our finding that the Chancellor’s Office of Special Investigations (“OSI”), as it was then staffed and constituted, was incapable of handling test-cheating cases, we further recommended that OSI be re-organized. As a result, OSI was placed under the supervision of the Deputy Counsel to the Chancellor who serves as that office’s Director. We also suggested that an office other than OSI be given responsibility for investigating test irregularities. Allegations of that type which are not investigated by this office are now referred to the BOE’s Division of Assessment and Accountability which has long been involved in the testing process and which played an instrumental role in our initial investigation. 35

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