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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

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vacation, he discovered the promotions, including the advancement of four students who had been expelled from the summer program, and reported King’s conduct to this office. When King learned about the investigation, he moved the children yet again, this time into a “7+” program which claimed to be an intensive curriculum for these students who would be given an opportunity to be promoted to the 8 th grade mid-year. In fact, according to our report, most of the failing summer school students who participated in the 7+ program were promoted in February 2001, even though many still were failing or did not have the 90% attendance rate required by the Chancellor’s rules regarding promotion. School administrators did not follow the new regulation that ended social promotion, but used their own criteria instead. Furthermore, our report criticized the insensitive treatment shown to parents, many of whom were never informed about the various class changes, and to the children, who were moved from grade to grade at the whim of an administrator. Recommendations and Results We recommended that strong disciplinary action be taken against King, including removal from his position, and that promotion practices at District 5 be better monitored. King was removed from his former position and received a letter of reprimand in his file. With the reorganization of the City school system that began in July 2002, he has been assigned to the Division of Instructional Support located at central headquarters at the Tweed Courthouse. 40

FAILURE TO REPORT CRIMES AND MISCONDUCT Since this office’s inception, we have stressed the need for school officials to report allegations of crimes and serious misconduct to the police. The 1994 report of the Joint Commission on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, sponsored by SCI and then- Chancellor Ramon Cortines, we noted how critical it was that “a child’s allegation … immediately be in the hands of law enforcement professionals.” It is our firm belief that attempts at ridding the school system of those who commit misconduct cannot possibly succeed when silence and ignorance shield the offenders. Several major cases and numerous investigations conducted by this office over the years, including some detailed in this report, have exposed the sometimes tragic consequences of the failure by BOE personnel to report crimes and misconduct, particularly allegations of child abuse. Our investigations have demonstrated that, much to the contrary, school officials are often slow to bring in law enforcement for a variety of reasons. Their conduct not only jeopardizes any potential criminal investigation, but ultimately harms the children who are the victims of the underlying misconduct. Several reports completed during this period highlight the problem. In Dangerous Consequences: Officials at Brooklyn Technical High School Fail to Report Armed Robberies to the Police, this office “Sometimes a child will simply not come forward to report his abuser. But the most heartbreaking cases are those where the children summon the courage to come forward only to be failed by the adults they are depending on.” -- From the testimony of Edward F. Stancik before the New York City Council, June 4, 2001. investigated the conduct of two deans in handling reports of armed robberies at their school. Their actions—which ranged from withholding information to the police to alerting the suspect that the police were coming to arrest him—seriously compromised the criminal case. 41

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