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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

girl’s mother called

girl’s mother called the police later that night, and seven male students were arrested and charged with 1 st Degree Sexual Abuse. Recommendations and Results We recommended that strong disciplinary action be taken against IS 287 Principal Michael Quigley and Dean Daniel Landberg, including removal from their positions. We also recommended disciplinary action against the two teachers, Frank DiFranco and Vincenzo Montalbano, who failed to handle the sexual assault allegations properly. With respect to MS 180, we recommended that appropriate disciplinary action be taken against Dean Carey Wittman. Quigley received a letter of reprimand in his file. In addition, the principal was assigned a mentor to assist him on a day-to-day basis at the school. Landberg received a letter of reprimand and was removed from the dean’s position. Wittman, DiFranco, and Montalbano received letters of reprimand. An Investigation into the Failure of Administrators at CS 66 to Report an Incident of Sexual Abuse This office conducted an investigation into the failure of an administrator at CS 66 in the Bronx, which was in the Chancellor’s District, to contact the police upon learning that two male 6 th graders had sexually abused two 5 th grade girls in a stairwell at the school. The investigation found that Assistant Principal Judith Ramirez intended to notify the police, but was told not to do so by Donna Baker, Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services at the Chancellor’s District. Instead, Baker directed Ramirez to continue an internal investigation. The police were not notified about the CS 66 incident until the next day when the girls’ parents learned the specifics of the abuse. Although Baker denied any discussion about the police, other evidence corroborated Ramirez’s version of events, including her initial plan to call the police and the subsequent instruction against doing so. In addition, we found that an instructional checklist issued by the Chancellor’s District, known as “the blue card,” which described 13 steps to be “taken concurrently,” confused rather than clarified the situation. 46

The attack in the stairwell of CS 66 occurred in May 2001, at about the same time that Mayor Giuliani and City Council Speaker Vallone were announcing proposed legislation which would make it a misdemeanor for school personnel to fail to report a suspected crime. Recommendations and Results Our report to Chancellor Levy recommended that a uniform procedure be developed and disseminated throughout the school system advising employees about the correct steps to be taken when a student reports being abused by another student. We advocated calling the police first before making notifications “up the line.” We also recommended that disciplinary action be taken against Baker and Ramirez, but noted that Baker’s instruction mitigated Ramirez’s failure and that any punishment should not exceed a reprimand. Our recommendations notwithstanding, the Chancellor chose to demote Assistant Principal Ramirez. Baker, in turn, received a letter of reprimand and re-training. An Investigation into the Entry of a Male Intruder at PS 89 We conducted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the entry of a male intruder into PS 89 in District 24 in Queens. During his second entry, the intruder sexually abused several schoolchildren. The news of the incidents at PS 89 was widely disseminated by the media and led to concern in the school community. The New York City Police Department requested that SCI review the actions of PS 89 officials regarding the incidents and determine whether the staff responded properly. After conducting interviews and carefully reviewing school documents, police reports, and written statements by the PS 89 staff, we concluded that, in immediate response to the incidents, the staff took appropriate action to ensure student safety at PS 89 and to contact the authorities. 47

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