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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI

Recommendations Our

Recommendations Our investigation did not find that Principal Cleonice LoSecco committed any wrongdoing and, therefore, did not recommend that any disciplinary action be taken against her. We recommended that the current Citywide security measures in schools be examined to determine if they are satisfactory for occasions when there is a significant increase in the number of outsiders in the schools. Moreover, working with the New York City Police Department, the Chancellor and the BOE should review the manner in which School Safety Agents are allotted to individual schools. 48

STUDENT SAFETY Charles Serrano: Using Students to Purchase Marijuana An investigation conducted by this office substantiated that 45-year-old Charles Serrano, a teacher assigned to the Frederick Douglass Academy in Manhattan, used students to purchase marijuana for him. This investigation began when a New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) Detective assigned to the Manhattan North Narcotics Division reported to this office that he and his partner had observed Serrano in a vehicle with a 17-year-old male student. Moreover, a pipe containing marijuana was on the seat between the teacher and the boy. According to Alvarez, the teacher claimed the pipe belonged to the student, but the boy denied ownership of it. At the request of this office, the NYPD’s Controlled Substance Analysis Section analyzed the contents of the pipe that was recovered from Serrano’s car. An examination of the laboratory report prepared by the chemist who conducted the analysis revealed that the pipe contained marijuana. The student described his relationship with Serrano for investigators. According to the boy, beginning in the 2000-2001 school year, approximately every two weeks, he bought marijuana for Serrano with money provided by the teacher. On the day they were stopped by the police, the boy had already purchased some marijuana for Serrano and they were headed to buy more. Under the supervision of our investigators, the student surreptitiously recorded a conversation with Serrano. In it, Serrano named the student who would replace the boy as the teacher’s marijuana supplier. The teacher asserted that he would “take care of ” the boy’s replacement—pass him—provided he was marked present for class. Moreover, the conversation revealed that Serrano was aware that the student was using illegal substances. When the boy disclosed that his “Pops” wanted him to go to “rehab,” the teacher replied: “He knows?” The boy’s replacement confirmed the information learned during the recorded conversation. According to him, Serrano made a deal with him: if he bought marijuana for the teacher, he would pass his Global History class. The student admitted to 49

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