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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI


HIRING AND PROMOTION PRACTICES The high volume of cases that we have investigated involving students being sexually and/or physically abused in school led us to consider how the BOE hires and screens those who will have contact with children. Several investigations conducted by this office revealed serious flaws in terms of the due diligence the BOE performs on prospective hires and candidates for tenure, as well as the manner in which information is shared between BOE departments regarding employees. Three cases detailed below illustrate the inherent problems. A simple background check of Biology Teacher Franklin Simon, for example, would have revealed that, prior to his employment by the BOE, Simon lost his license to practice medicine as a result of his sexual misconduct. Another investigation exposed how English as a Second Language Teacher Veronica Hernandez received tenure despite numerous arrests and chronic attendance problems. We also examined how Thomas L. Williams, a convicted felon, was able to falsify records and obtain a position as a substitute teacher. 64

Franklin Simon: Hired by the BOE Without a Background Check Despite Having Lost His License to Practice Medicine for Sexual Misconduct An investigation substantiated that 60-year-old Franklin Simon, a biology teacher at Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan, never provided a résumé or references, left blank the portion of the application about prior employment, and lied about his past. Nevertheless, the BOE hired Simon almost immediately, without any check into his background. Simon’s bizarre history included misconduct of a sexual nature, which had caused him to lose his license to practice medicine as a psychiatrist. Our investigation commenced after we received anonymous correspondence alleging that Simon, a former physician who had a history of sexual incidents with at least two patients, was working as a teacher for the BOE. Although any review of Simon’s disturbing history would have determined that he was not fit to be hired as a teacher, his background went undetected and he was allowed access to schoolchildren on a daily basis. Furthermore, we found that the BOE has no uniform procedure in place to review an applicant’s history or check the status of past professional licenses. This case was at least the third time that our office criticized the BOE’s failure to adequately screen prospective applicants and formally recommended substantial improvements. Recommendations and Results As a result of our investigation, Franklin Simon’s employment was terminated and he was placed on the ineligible list. This office recommended that he continue to be denied work in the public school system and that our findings be considered should Simon ever apply for any type of position with the BOE in the future. Expanding upon our recommendations in two earlier SCI cases involving the hiring of individuals with questionable backgrounds, we recommended that the Chancellor and the BOE develop a procedure to probe an applicant’s background, check prior employment, and verify professional licenses. 65

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