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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI


FRAUD AND CORRUPTION Cases involving fraud and corruption by BOE employees have been at the heart of SCI’s investigative efforts since the office’s inception. In Hijacked on the Technology Superhighway: The Fleecing of District 29, we reported on an elaborate bid-rigging scheme for computer contracts involving the superintendent of that district, Celestine Miller. Over a period of three years, Miller and her fellow conspirators submitted inflated bids and stole millions of dollars while the children of District 29 received substandard computer equipment. Investigations revealed that Home Instruction Teachers defrauded the BOE by claiming to teach home lessons that never took place and falsely billing the BOE for thousands of dollars in unearned fees. This office also continued its examination of BOE custodial practices. Many of these investigations resulted in the arrest and prosecution of custodians. We also uncovered various thefts and fraudulent schemes carried out by employees of the school system, as well as those who do business with it. In one instance, a vendor falsely billed the BOE more than $1 million for services it never provided. Finally, we report on seven employees who submitted false documents to excuse absences from work. 2

Hijacked On The Technology Superhighway: The Fleecing of District 29 In the fall of 1996, Celestine Miller, then superintendent of District 29 in Queens, went down the hall from her office to meet the building landlord, but she was not negotiating for more space or complaining about the lack of hot water. Instead, she was collecting $50,000 in a brown paper bag—one of a series of kickbacks and other financial rewards given to Miller for ensuring that the landlord and his associates won lucrative contracts to provide computers for the district. An investigation by this office uncovered a three-year multimillion dollar scheme to rig bids for the district’s computer contracts by Miller, Thomas Kontogiannis—the landlord of the building in which District 29 is housed— An investigation uncovered a threeyearmultimilliondollar scheme to rig bids for lucrative computer contracts for District 29. Ray Shain, an attorney who simultaneously worked for the landlord, for the District, and for Business Innovative Technology (“BIT”), the company that won the computer projects, and Kinson Tso—owner of BIT. Our report detailed how the scheme was devised in 1996 when Miller “hired” Shain as an “unpaid” consultant on a project purportedly aimed at bringing computers to every school in the district. The real motive, however, was personal gain. Ignoring the required standard operating procedures and using false bids, Miller and Shain guided the inflated $1.2 million contract to Tso and BIT. In turn, Tso kicked back some of the profits to Shain and Kontogiannis who then gave Miller a share. The conspirators successfully repeated the scheme in 1997, upping the project to $2.2 million and, once more, sharing the proceeds. However, when they tried to repeat the process for a third time in 1998, the BOE’s Office of Purchasing Management (“OPM”) became involved and advertised for bids. A real bidder, Web Wide World (“WWW”), submitted the lowest price quote, but was disqualified for failing to meet a financial technicality. Although BIT once again obtained the contract, WWW employees, suspicious of Shain’s knowledge and behavior, complained to our office which began the investigation that uncovered Miller’s plan. 3

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