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cover 1999-2002 - SCI

cover 1999-2002 - SCI


ENROLLMENT AND ATTENDANCE_______________ This office has always taken extremely seriously allegations of misconduct in the areas of enrollment and attendance practices. While seemingly mundane, the tasks of enrolling students and taking attendance play a critical role in the smooth functioning of our public schools. A school’s enrollment number, for instance, determines the amount of resources, and in particular, the number of teachers assigned to that school. Accurate attendance is also critical to a host of functions. Excessive absences can be an indication of child abuse or neglect at home and should trigger an investigation into the child’s attendance problems. In Grand Illusion: An Investigation Into Enrollment and Attendance Practices at Brandeis High School, we revealed how over the course of a decade Brandeis Principal Marlene Lazar manipulated student attendance and enrollment figures in order to bolster her numbers and receive more resources for the school. 70

Grand Illusion: An Investigation Into Enrollment and Attendance Practices at Brandeis High School An investigation by this office substantiated that student attendance and enrollment figures at Louis D. Brandeis High School in Manhattan were inflated over a decade. Our report described several deceptive schemes at Brandeis, starting several years ago with the manipulation of attendance reports, and culminating with nonexistent “phantom classes” in the 1996-97 academic year. The report also traced the origin and evolution of these schemes from 1990, the year in which Marlene Lazar became Principal of Brandeis, to 1998. Within her first two years as principal of Brandeis, Lazar instructed the school’s computer services coordinator to alter attendance records every month to reach whatever percentage goal she specified. As attendance rates increased from year to year, so, too, did Lazar’s reputation as an administrator. The phantom classes consisted of dropouts and chronic truants, whose names Our investigation uncovered several deceptive schemes occurring over the course of a decade at Manhattan’s Brandeis High School, including the manipulation of attendance reports, and the creation of nonexistent “phantom classes.” were used without their knowledge or consent. By using the fake classes to bolster enrollment, Brandeis received more resources. However, the resources gained by this fraud were of no benefit to Brandeis students. Lazar built a huge bureaucracy by taking teachers from the classroom and assigning them to administrative jobs as “perks.” Brandeis had one of the worst records in the City in terms of teacher time spent on instruction. Lazar needed help to control the attendance and enrollment figures. Assistant Principal Jonathan Schein instructed teachers on how to fill out attendance and grade sheets for phantom classes. Guidance Counselor Judith Pearlman “registered” students for the phantom classes without their knowledge. Senior Grade Advisor Peter Trigledes handled much of the day-to-day paperwork for “Project Drop-In” and recorded the phantom class students as “discharged” from Brandeis at the end of the semester. 71

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