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Natural Resource Damage Assessment: Methods and Cases

Natural Resource Damage Assessment: Methods and Cases

1) Name

1) Name and location of case: ______________________________________________________ 2) Under which statute(s) is(are) this case pursued? ___OPA ___CERCLA ___Other ( ) define 3) Trustees involved: ____________________________________________________________ 4) How many responsible parties are involved? #____ 5) When did the event/activity responsible for the injury begin? CY ______ How long did it last? # months ______ 6) Event/activity was: ___ NPL site ___ Spill ___ Voluntary ___ Other ( ___ ) describe 7) What was the nature of the contamination? (Check each that applies) ___ Petroleum ___ Hazardous substances ( ) ___ Other ( ) describe describe 8) What was the mass or volume of contaminant(s) released? _____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 9) The duration (actual or expected) of the injury is (answer one): # months _______ In perpetuity since CY _______ 10) What kinds of resources were injured? (Check each that applies) ___ Groundwater ___ Surface water ___ Wetland ___ Air ___ Fish ___ Non-fish wildlife ___ Recreational area ___ Cultural resource ___ Other ( ) describe 11) What was the magnitude of the injury? (e.g. miles of stream damaged, # animals killed, volume groundwater contaminated) _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 12) When was the pre-assessment screen performed? CY _______ 13) Was a NRDA done for this case? ___ yes ___ no (IF NOT YES, FORM IS DONE) 14) When was the NRDA completed? CY _______ 15) Did you hire a consultant to assist with the damage assessment process? ____ yes ____no 16) What was the total cost to your office of the NRDA (including fees)? $ ___________ 17) What total estimated damages emerged from your NRDA? $ ___________ 18) Many methods are available to determine damages. For this case, check each of the following methods that were used by your staff, another Trustee, or consultants hired by the Trustees: In-house Other Trustee Consultant(s) Do not know Not applicable Own valuation tool Benefits transfer DOI Type A computer models NOAA compensation formulas Appraisal method Factor-income analysis Market price analysis 22 Hedonic analysis Travel-cost analysis Averting behavior analysis Contingent valuation Conjoint analysis/ contingent ranking Habitat equivalency analysis Other (specify):

19) Has this case been settled? (Check one) __ yes __ no __ partially (IF NOT YES, FORM IS DONE.) 20) When was the final settlement reached? CY _______ 21) How was the final settlement document developed? (Check one) ___ Consent decree ___ Covenant not to sue ___ Other: ( ___________________________ ) describe 22) What was the estimated cost to the responsible parties of the settlement? Total: $ _________ Trustees’ assessment costs reimbursed: $__________ Compensatory damages paid: $__________ Other payment ( _______________ ): $__________ describe Primary restoration activity: $__________ Compensatory restoration activity: $__________ Other in-kind compensation ( ________________________________________ ): $__________ describe 23) Did the settlement include non-use values (either implicitly or explicitly)? ____ yes ____no If so, do you have an estimate of the compensated non-use values? $ _________ Please use the space below for any extensions of answers (give the number of the question to which the answer responds) or additional comments that you wish to make: 23

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