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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

for all 50 states. The

for all 50 states. The latter estimates delivered feedstock prices and quantities within a state at a fine resolution (1 km2) and considers the interplay between transportation costs, farmgate prices, cropland density, and facility demand. It can be used to examine any type of feedstock given the appropriate input parameters. Another product developed by ORNL is BIOCOST, which estimates the cost of producing hybrid poplars and switchgrass in seven regions of the United States. It is an Excel-based program with a graphical interface that lets the user select a region and then specify values for several variables including expected yields; land rents; labor costs; and prices of chemicals, fertilizers, fuel, and planting. The user can also choose among several key management options. BIOCOST generates a report that includes yearly cost estimates by cost category as well as per-acre and per-ton costs. Although conversion technologies are the main focus of the biomass program at NREL, resource assessment work has been supported over the years. The laboratory has been involved in conducting technical resource assessments for private companies, government organizations, and nongovernment organizations within the United States and abroad. NREL’s biomass resource assessment mentioned above was used to develop an interactive Web tool, composed of geographic and analytic components, that illustrates biofuels potential and petroleum displacement by state (Figure 35). The Potential Production maps show the biomass resources within counties, as well as the existing and under-construction biodiesel and ethanol production facilities. The Potential Use maps show the Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) registrations by zip code and the location of refueling stations offering ethanol and biodiesel. The analytic component has three different calculation areas: current situation, potential production, and potential use. The current situation is static for each state and shows important fuel use, infrastructure, and biomass resources data. The potential production and use calculation areas are dynamic and are used to project various production and use scenarios based on user input. The tool can be accessed at 125

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