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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

GIS and

GIS and RS have also been used by the Viet Nam Environment Protection Agency (VEPA) in its environmental-monitoring activities, and in the development of an atlas on Viet Nam's environment. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) maintains land use and land cover data. Modeling. No information on modeling techniques used for agricultural and forestry analysis in Viet Nam was identified during this survey. However, the Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGROINFO) reported in 2007 that there is an agreement between the Economic Research Service-United States Department of Agriculture (ERS-USDA) and AGROINFO’s Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD) to exchange knowledge in modeling and other operating mechanisms for agricultural market analyses and forecasts, particularly for rice commodity. Data Availability. The General Statistics Office (GSO) of Viet Nam is the main agency that collects and provides agricultural and forestry statistics. Data on crop-planted area, yield, production, and forest area and wood production is available by province. Information is provided annually (since 1995) in electronic format via the GSO Web site at Detailed farm and agricultural and forestry enterprise data, at the level of the household, are only collected through censuses. Data is collected via sample paper and ground surveys. 137

Source: GSO-FAO, 2007 Figure 36. Forest Cover – Viet Nam 138

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