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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Table 3. Upper Limits to

Table 3. Upper Limits to Biofuels Production Using Second-generation Feedstock Resources in Australia A CSIRO estimate from APSIM modeling unpublished data; B Higgins 2006 9; C ABARE 2006; D FWPRDC 2006, MBAC 2004; E MBAC 2004, Raison 2006; F Freudenberger et al 2004; G CSIRO, Ensis unpublished data; H Raison 2006; I Foran 1999, Bartle 2001, 2006, Grove etg al 2005; J Based on future expected harvest and residue amounts minus current harvest and residue amounts; NAD = No Appropriate Data Source: CSIRO, 2007; Note: the tabulated values are taken directly from the source – the unit ML means 10 6 L or 1 dam 3 17

Source: Odeh and Tan 2007 Figure 5. The Marginal Agricultural Regions of Australia Table 4. Marginal Lands for the Production of Exotic Biofuel Crops in Australia Source: Odeh and Tan 2007; Note: the area unit of Mha identified in the table is from the original source and is considered to be 10 6 ha or a unit of 10,000 km 2 18

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