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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

9. Bioenergy Atlas

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Brunei Darussalam Despite being a significant regional producer of oil and natural gas, Brunei Darussalam is considering diversifying its energy portfolio and following the global trend in search of alternative energy sources such as biofuels. No biomass resource assessment was identified at the time this survey took place. Statistical information on crop and forestry production in Brunei is provided annually by the Department of Agriculture and the Forestry Department (also includes monthly reports). Considering some general information on land use, however, it is unlikely that Brunei will produce biofuels feedstock domestically. The economy is more than 527,000 ha ­ about 2.3% (12,000 ha) is arable land and about 53% (278,000 ha) is forest. Rice production is low (only about 1,000 tonnes per year), and Brunei imports more than 80% of its requirements. Other crops grown, mostly for home consumption, include banana, sweet potato, cassava, coconut, pineapple, and vegetables. The timber industry is well established and the harvest volume is carefully controlled by the Forestry Department on a planned renewable basis. Timber production has been limited to just 100,000 cubic meters a year. The economy most likely will pursue overseas investments in feedstock production and import either the raw material or fuel. References 1. Department of Agriculture, accessed March 2008, 2. FAO, Food and Agriculture Indicators – Brunei Darussalam, November 2006, 3. Forestry Department, accessed March 2008, 26

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