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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

M ODT – million

M ODT – million oven-dry tonne; Source: BIOCAP 2003 Table 6. Biomass from Crop Residues in Canada, 2001 29

Table 7. Forest Residues in Canada Source: Climate Change Solutions 2007; BDt - Bone-Dry tonne= Oven-Dry tonne A 2004 mill residue survey of Canadian pulp mills and sawmills (BW McCloy & Associates and Climate Change Solutions 2005) indicated annual production of bark, sawdust, and shavings of 21.2 Mt as shown in Table 8. Major producers were BC, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. Much of this biomass is committed to produce onsite energy, or sold to independent power producers, board and pellet manufacturers, farmers for animal bedding, and landscapers for garden beds. The study estimated that after considering domestic consumption and exports, there was a surplus of 2.7 Mt. Table 8. Canada Surplus Mill Residues, 2004 Source: Climate Change Solutions 2007 BDt - Bone-Dry tonne = Oven-Dry tonne The mill residue survey also estimated that the excess bark and sawdust not used by sawmills or pulp mills, simply piled up on the mill site. This is the case in some provinces; however, in BC, Alberta, and Manitoba the approved method of residue disposal is incineration. Until recently, bark piles were considered an environmental problem, not a revenue source. Many 30

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