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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Hong Kong, China Hong

Hong Kong, China Hong Kong is a small metropolitan city with very high population and vehicle density. Rapid urbanization in the past two decades had led to serious air pollution problems. To cope with the situation, the government of Hong Kong has adopted many programs and measures focused on improving the fuel quality and efficiency, one of which is blending petro-diesel with biodiesel. Hong Kong has no natural resources and the only biodiesel feedstock available domestically is waste oil - recycled and grease trap oils from restaurants and food processing industries. According to Dynamic Progress Ltd., the only licensed biodiesel manufacturer in Hong Kong, there were about 25,000 liters of used cooking oil produced and collected per day in 2007. Of that, about 3,500 liters per day are recycled domestically and the rest (about 21,500 liters per day) are exported. Trap grease collected and disposed of at landfills is approximately 8,000 liters per day. If the export portion of used cooking oil and trap grease are used for biodiesel production domestically, it would yield more than 10 million liters (9,000 tonnes) of biodiesel per year (assuming waste oil generation stays the same). Diesel consumption in Hong Kong was about 1,500 million liters (1.3 Mt) in 2005 (IEA 2005), so biodiesel would displace less than 1% of petro-diesel consumption. References 1. International Energy Agency (IEA), Country energy statistics, Oil in Hong Kong, 2005. 2. Leung, D.Y.C., (2001) “Development of a clean biodiesel fuel in Hong Kong using recycled oil”, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution journal, 130 (1-4), 277-282 3. Personal communication with Steve Choi, Executive Director of Dynamic Progress, Ltd., May 2008 51

Indonesia Economy-Wide Biofuels Resource Assessments First-Generation Biofuels Potential Ethanol: Currently, fuel ethanol in Indonesia is produced mainly from sugar cane molasses. The economy is among the top 10 sugar cane producers in the world with about 30 Mt per year. Another feedstock considered for ethanol production in Indonesia is cassava with annual production of about 17 Mt. Indonesia plans to expand current production of sugar cane and cassava and dedicate more than 1.5 million ha to growing these crops for biofuels production in the next few years. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources released maps illustrating areas suitable for growing these crops, developed to support decision making and planning activities (Figures 16 and 17). Source: Legowo 2007; Total land suitable for sugar cane production is 500,000 ha; Dark green – very suitable land; light green – suitable land; yellow – not suitable land. Figure 16. Land Suitable for Sugar cane in Indonesia 52

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