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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Source: Legowo 2007;

Source: Legowo 2007; Suitable land: white (less than 75 ha), yellow (75-200 ha), green (200-400 ha), red (400-1.800 ha). Each dot represents production potential of 100 tonnes. Figure 17. Land Suitable for Cassava in Indonesia If the equivalent of 20% of Indonesia’s current starch and sugar crops production could be made available for biofuel production, for example through increase in crop yields over time, it would yield about 6.7 hm 3 of ethanol or 3.2 Mt gasoline equivalent. Such a volume would replace about 25% of Indonesia’s current gasoline consumption and 16% of its current crude oil imports. Biodiesel: The main biodiesel feedstock in Indonesia is palm oil, due to the well-established industry and potential for increase in production. Indonesia surpassed Malaysia in palm oil production in 2007 and is now the world leader. Together, Malaysia and Indonesia provide 90% of the world’s palm oil. Indonesia produced 17.4 Mt in 2007; up from 15.9 Mt in 2006 (about 12 Mt were exported). There are about 6 million ha of oil-palm plantations with another 3 million ha suitable for this crop (Figure 18). Another potential biodiesel feedstock in Indonesia is coconut oil, of which production amounted to nearly 0.9 Mt and exports to about 0.5 Mt in 2006. If the equivalent of 20% of Indonesia’s current vegetable oil production were available for biofuels, it would yield about 3.4 Mt of biodiesel. This could replace 34% of the economy’s current diesel consumption and 16% of its current crude oil imports. 53

Source: Legowo 2007; Additional land suitable for oil-palm production is 3 million ha; Dark green – very suitable land; light green – suitable land; yellow – not suitable land. Second-Generation Biofuels Potential Figure 18. Land Suitable for Oil-Palm in Indonesia Ethanol: An economy-wide biomass resource assessment was completed by the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (AAAT), which appears to be the main government entity involved in this type of analysis. Table 11 summarizes the most recent statistics on lignocellulosic biomass provided by AAAT. This information was further used to estimate the electric potential of these resources by province (Privanto 2007). As shown in Table 11, second generation feedstock (excluding Palm Oil Mill Effluent or POME) amounts to about 74 Mt per year. This would yield 22 hm 3 of ethanol or 10.7 Mt gasoline equivalent per annum. Such a volume would displace 83% of Indonesia’s current gasoline consumption and 51% of its current crude oil imports. 54

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