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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Table 11. Agricultural

Table 11. Agricultural and Wood Residues in Indonesia Biomass Residues Quantity (million tonnes/yr) Sugar industry Baggase 8.5 Leaf cane 1.3 Palm Oil Industry Shell 3.5 Fibre 6.7 Empty fruit bunch 12.9 Palm Oil Mill Effluent 31.0 Rubber Rubber wood 2.8 Coconut Shell 3.0 Fibre 6.7 Paddy Rice husk 13.5 Cassava waste 7.3 Wood waste 8.3 Total 105.5 Source: Febijanto 2007; Priyanto 2007 Biodiesel: A potential biodiesel feedstock considered in Indonesia is jatropha. Jatropha is still in the very early stage of development and efforts appear to be focused on small scale plantations. Figure 19 illustrates areas suitable for growing jatropha in Indonesia. Source: Legowo 2007; green - suitable, yellow – more suitable, orange – very suitable; the table shows hectares identified as suitable for jatropha under each of these land categories Figure 19. Land Suitable for Jatropha Curcas in Indonesia 55

Biomass Resource Assessment Capabilities Geospatial Techniques. It is evident from the examples above that Indonesia uses GIS to identify lands suitable for growing different crops. In addition to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (, GIS has been used by the Ministry of Forestry ( In the summer of 2008, AAAT’s Center of Technology for Natural Resources Inventory and the Japanese Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center began a collaborative project in agricultural analyses using remote sensing techniques. This is the first time these techniques have been used in Indonesia. The output of this cooperative work will be the development of a crop prediction model (AAAT 2008). Data Availability. Statistics Indonesia - BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik) is the main agency that compiles and disseminates statistics related to agriculture, forestry, industry and other areas. Data is collected via paper and sample ground surveys on an annual basis. Detailed information on BPS and its data-collection methods is provided by FAO’s Regional Data Exchange System (RDES 2006). Other agencies that provide agricultural and forestry data by province include the Ministry of Forestry ( and the Ministry of Agriculture ( The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) provides statistics on current and historic palm oil production in Indonesia ( Institutions with research programs related to biomass that could provide expertise in the field include Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia), which has been involved in research of new and renewable energy, earth science, and provides information technologies services; and the Institute of Technology Bandung with its School of Life Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology offering RS and GIS programs. References 1. Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (AAAT), Remote Sensing to Support National Program for Crop Prediction, accessed June 2008, 2. Febijanto, I., Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (AAAT), Indonesian Renewable Energy Development and Opportunity to Implement CDM Scheme, Asian Science & Technology Seminar, Jakarta, March 2007, 56

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