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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

32 Mt

32 Mt of oil palm, paddy, wood residues, and bagasse annually. If all used for biofuel, this would yield roughly 9.7 hm 3 of ethanol or 4.6 Mt gasoline equivalent. That would displace about 60% of current gasoline consumption and 59% of crude oil imports. Table 17. Biomass Residue Generation in Malaysia Source: PTM, 2007; EFB – Empty Fruit Bunches; POME - Palm Oil Mill Effluent Biodiesel: A potential biodiesel feedstock considered in Malaysia is jatropha. Jatropha is still in the very early stage of development and efforts appear to be focused on small scale plantations. Biomass Resource Assessment Capabilities Although this survey didn’t yield any detailed biomass resource assessments, it appears that these capabilities are present in Malaysia. Institutions that have been involved in assessing biomass resources include the National Energy Research Center - Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM); the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), University Putra Malaysia (UPM); and the School of Mechanical Engineering - University Science Malaysia, Pulau Pinang. Geospatial Techniques. RS and GIS technologies started to advance in Malaysia in the 1980s, particularly in the natural resources field. The effective use of these technologies in assessing and monitoring forest resources - at a reduced cost, time, and labour compared to conventional 69

practices - prompted the government to establish the Malaysian Centre of Remote Sensing (MACRES) in 1988 (UMS 2008). MACRES established an operational remote sensing-based integrated natural resource and environmental database at the economy-wide level to support planning and decision making. While MACRES is the leading agency for remote sensing applications, research on the subject is also carried out by universities such as University Technology Malaysia (UTM), University Putra Malaysia (UPM), University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Remote sensing user agencies include the Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). Remote sensing for forestry applications undertaken by FRIM includes forest inventory, mapping, rehabilitation, and monitoring. Microwave remote sensing is expected to improve the coverage of critical areas. At MARDI, past research included crop surveillance and a land resource inventory; while current research activities cover, among other things, spatial modeling for regional agricultural development and characterization of plant species (Global Security 2008). Data availability. Malaysia maintains very good agricultural and forestry statistics provided by the following agencies: forestry statistics by state is available from the Forestry Department, Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM) at; the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA) collects and reports data on agricultural products at The Malaysian Timber Council provides statistics on timber products at and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) provides statistics on the palm oil production ( References 1. Ali Hassan, M., Shirai, Y., University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia : Sustainable Biomass Production and Utilization, presentation at Biomass-Asia Workshop, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, November 2007, 2. Center for Remote Sensing and GIS, University of Malaysia, Sabah, Accessed April 2008, &lang=_en 3. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Accessed April 2008, 4., Malaysia and Earth Observation Systems, Accessed April 2008, 5. Hamzah, A., K., Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS as Tools to Support Precision Forestry Practices in Malaysia, paper presented at 70

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