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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

for energy crops. Corn

for energy crops. Corn also would be in this range, while cassava and sorghum would require much larger areas (SENER-BID-GTZ). Table 19 summarizes the results of this analysis. Source: SENER-BID-GTZ, 2006 Table 19. Areas Needed for Ethanol Production in Mexico If the equivalent of 20% of Mexico’s current starch and sugar crop production could be spared for biofuels production, for example through increase in crop yields over time, it would yield 73

about 3 hm 3 of ethanol or 1.5 Mt gasoline equivalent. This volume would displace 5% of Mexico’s current gasoline consumption. Alternatively, if Scenario 3 in the SENER analysis could be realized, with 4.6 hm 3 of annual ethanol production, about 8% of gasoline consumption could be displaced. Biodiesel: Biodiesel in Mexico is produced from animal fat and used cooking oil. Because of the existing import dependency for animal and recycled oils/fats, the SENER-BID-GTZ study concluded that these feedstocks are going to play a minor role in domestic biodiesel production. The economy is highly dependent on imports of oilseeds and products (about 90 % oilseeds and approximately 35 % fodder). However, the SENER-BID-GTZ study analyzed the possibility of producing more vegetable oils domestically to support biodiesel production. Accounting for the biodiesel yields per hectare for the different oil crops, the study estimated the acreages needed to support different biodiesel-blend scenarios (Table 20). The study states that if Mexico wants to achieve a self-sufficient supply of biodiesel feedstock considering currently planted and needed land, an intensive agricultural supporting scheme needs to be established. Figure 21 shows areas suitable for growing these crops. If the equivalent of 20% of Mexico’s current vegetable oil production were used for biofuels, it would yield about 0.23 Mt of biodiesel per annum. This volume would displace less than 2% of the economy’s current diesel consumption. Table 20. Agricultural Land Needed to Support Biodiesel Feedstock Production in Mexico Crop Yield (L/ha) Agricultural Land (ha) Needed to Support: Current Growing Area (ha) Potential Area (ha) B5 B10 B20 Oil Palm 3,390 304,881 609,762 1,219,524 15,000 2,500,000 Jatropha 730 1,415,717 2,831,434 5,666,868 N/A 1,000,000 Sunflower 665 1,554,095 3,108,190 6,216,381 900 N/A Canola 619 1,669,585 3,339,171 6,678,341 10,500 N/A Safflower 409 2,526,830 5,053,659 10,107,319 224,000 N/A Soybeans 289 3,576,032 7,152,065 14,304,129 110,000 > 1,000,000 Source: SENER-BID-GTZ, 2006 74

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