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Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

Survey of Biomass Resource Assessments and Assessment ... - NREL

del Uso de Bioetanol y

del Uso de Bioetanol y Biodiesel para el Transporte en México, 2006, pleto.pdf 10. Soria-Ruiz, J. and Fernandez-Ordonez, Y., INIFAP, Crop Monitoring and Crop Yield Prediction Computerized Tools in Mexico, Presented at the Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4th World Congress Conference, Orlando, Florida, July 2006, 79

New Zealand Economy-Wide Biofuels Resource Assessments A comprehensive biomass resource assessment was completed at an economy-wide and regional level by the New Zealand Crown Research Institute Scion (formerly known as Forest Research) in 2007. The project examined crops and crop residues; woody biomass (logging residues, wood processing residues, horticultural prunings, and short rotation forestry); municipal and industrial wastes (sewage bio-solid effluents; solid waste; animal manures; and industrial wastes from dairy, fruit, vegetable, and meat processing); and algae. A summary of the findings is presented below. First-Generation Biofuels Potential Ethanol: New Zealand produces ethanol from whey, a byproduct of the dairy industry and it is estimated that the production will increase (USDA 2007). Ethanol produced from whey amounts to about 15 million liters per year, which meets 0.3% of the economy’s gasoline needs and 0.2% of crude oil imports. New Zealand has about 109,900 ha of grain crops planted: approximately 20,600 ha of corn (predominantly in the Waikato/Central North Island), 39,400 ha of wheat and 49,900 ha of barley (predominantly in Canterbury). However, the use of these grains for energy production is likely to lead to competition with food uses. The Scion study states that there are about 915,950 ha of pasture land that could physically and economically (based on current gross marginal returns in dollars per ha) be switched to grain for ethanol production if demand for the resource increases sufficiently. This area of land could potentially produce enough corn to make 4,100 million liters of ethanol (40% of current total liquid fuels demand). However, the net carbon balances would need to be examined in light of the value of pastureland as a carbon store. Sugar crops (cane and beet) are not currently grown in New Zealand. However, sugar beet can be produced in Tasmania (Australia), where similar growing conditions exist. Successful sugar beet trials were undertaken in Southland, but the economics did not support development. Biodiesel: Biodiesel feedstocks in New Zealand include used cooking oil and tallow. Scion reports that about 5-6 million liters of used cooking oil is generated per year, largely sourced 80

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