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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: South Africa PROJECT: MUSIC WITH DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN SUFFERING TRAUMATIC EFFECTS OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT: MUSIC FOR LIFE PROJECT OF THE MUSIC THERAPY COMMUNITY CLINIC DESCRIPTION: The Music for Life Project of The Music Therapy Community Clinic (MTCC) began in 2002 when two music therapists started offering music therapy sessions to school children in Heideveld, which is a suburb of Cape Town on the Cape Flats. It was created in 1950 by the Group Areas Act of the apartheid government and is home to many historically disadvantaged people. The effects of gang violence, unemployment, substance abuse, dysfunctional families and poverty are extremely damaging, especially to children. South Africa has a rich and varied musical heritage, making music a powerful tool when working in disadvantaged communities. Music therapy is a clinical service that addresses therapeutic needs, thus effecting positive changes in targeted communities. The children deal with their trauma through various musical activities such as singing, musical storytelling, song writing, musical movement and instrumental improvisation. Children are given opportunities to relate to one another in a safe environment where every child is valued and supported. The MTCC‟s Music for Life Project offers services in two ways: Individual music therapy sessions are provided to children referred by caregivers for reasons such as bereavement (gang-related, HIV/AIDS or other), witnessing violence, being the victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse and absentee parents as a result of abandonment or jail. Music groups facilitated by staff members such as Marimba groups, drumming groups and a choir. The children also perform in the Annual Heideveld Community Concert and attend a Music for Life camp. CURRENT STATUS: During 2010, the MTCC critically reviewed the way it works and five programs were developed. These programs include: Music for Life Program Babies Program Early Childhood Development Program Youth Program Music Therapy Program The MTCC has also begun developing new partnerships with various community organisations whose missions align with theirs. A new system has been created (Pathways/Hand to Hand) in order to support and guide the children once their music therapy process is completed. This system aims to provide continued, individual-specific referrals and assistance going into the future. There is also continuing training of Community Musicians and Creative Music Facilitators from within the communities who work under guidance and supervision of the music therapists. 78

RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Various methods are undertaken to assess the impact of the work and these include: Reflection and evaluation meetings to ascertain the effectiveness of the work Interviews with beneficiaries and caregivers undertaken by a narrative therapist Feedback from parents, teachers, doctors, staff and the children themselves ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Publications: Dos Santos, A. & Oosthuisen, H. (2010). Taking music seriously, M. Pavlicevic (Ed.), South Africa: MTCC Publications. CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: The Music Therapy Community Clinic Address: 44 Roseville Road, CLAREMONT, 7708, Cape Town, South Africa; Postal address: P O Box 2069, CLAREINCH, 7740, South Africa Phone/Fax: +27 (0) 216715196 Contact Persons: Sunelle Fouche, Executive Director; E-mail: Alexanne Tingley, Operations Manager; Email: 79

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