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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: Argentina PROJECT: MUSIC THERAPY FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS IN NEUROREHABILITATION: THE INSTITUTE OF COGNITIVE NEUROLOGY DESCRIPTION: The Institute of Cognitive Neurology (INECO) serves children and adults with a wide range of developmental, degenerative and acquired neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions such as stroke, acquired brain injury, Parkinson‟s disease, Alzheimer‟s disease and other forms of dementia, cognitive disorders, developmental and autistic spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, trauma and anxiety disorders, among others. The Music Therapy Program was established in 2008 as part of the Department of Neuropsychology of INECO. Currently, the music therapy program provides individual, family, group and community sessions as well as home care and outreach services. The music therapy team provides a broad scope of treatments for individuals, families and caregivers throughout the Institute within a comprehensive interdisciplinary team of neurologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, physical, speech and occupational therapists. Based on the idea that there is an inborn musical sensitivity in all human beings, music therapy is seen as an essential part of treatment and a key aspect of patients‟ motor, cognitive, occupational, emotional and social rehabilitation. A creative and constructive social environment is created to help attain personalized treatment goals through music making. The music therapy team offers: State-of-the-art treatment including Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy, music-neurorehabilitation techniques and medical music-psychotherapy in individual, group, and family sessions Music-assisted speech and music-assisted movement sessions using vocal and instrumental improvisations to stimulate, maintain and restore speech and motor skills Music therapy groups for young adults with developmental impairments, for the elderly with cognitive impairments, and for adults with stroke or traumatic brain injury The Instrumental Ensemble that promotes social and occupational rehabilitation for patients with neuropsychiatric conditions by hosting events such as live music karaoke sessions that are open to the community CURRENT STATUS: The program is funded through both Foundation and private donations. Affiliated with the Institute of Neuroscience at Favaloro University, the music therapy team: Provides specialized training in music therapy foundations and techniques for experienced clinicians and related health professionals in the field of neurological rehabilitation Provides presentations to the community Hosts international symposiums and workshops on relevant topics in the field of music therapy Is involved in professional writing and research in collaboration with doctors, physical and speech therapists in the areas of minimally conscious state, Alzheimer‟s disease, and speech and movement disorders 80

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Publications: Lichtensztejn, M. (2009). Música y medicina: La aplicación especializada de la música en el área de la salud. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Elemento. Lichtensztejn, M. (2009). The clinical use of piano with patients suffering breathing distress related to pain. In (Azoulay & Loewy eds.) Music, the Breath & Health: Advances in Integrative Music Therapy, New York: Satchnote Press. Lichtensztejn, M. (In press). El cerebro musical: Música y aprendizaje. In (INECO – UdeSa Eds.) El cerebro en el aula. Buenos Aires: Editorial Aique. Lichtensztejn, M., Macchi, P. (In press). Notas musicales en la infancia temprana. In Cómo favorecer un desarrollo saludable en los niños”. Buenos Aires: Editorial Bonum. CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Fundación INECO – Instituto de Neurología Cognitiva Music Therapy Program Address: Pacheco de Melo 1854/60, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1426 Phone: +54 11 4812-0010 Contact Person: Marcela Lichtensztejn, MT-BC, NRMT, LCAT Email: 81

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