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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: Japan PROJECT: MUSIC THERAPY TO PROMOTE EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES: MOYO DESCRIPTION: MOYO is a music therapy center for children with disabilities in Matsudo-City, in the Chiba Prefecture. All children under the age of eighteen who are currently living in Japan qualify for services. The primary purpose of this initiative is to serve the varied needs of both clients and their parents. The clients‟ areas of disability range from autism and Aspergers Syndrome, to PDD, ADHD, developmental delays, Down Syndrome, CP, and various other physical disabilities. Currently 32 children are served. The treatment is a creative music therapy approach using improvised music to help promote emotional and physical development in the clients. In addition to clinical services, the center supervises music therapy trainees, provides lecturers to university students and produces community performances. MOYA provides child disability support services that operate under the umbrella of a social welfare corporation, Matsudo Ikuseikai, Matsubokkuri. In April 2010, MOYO launched a day-care service enterprise for children under the provisions of the Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities Act of 2005 that provides compensation for music therapy services. This enabled clients to receive music therapy at one-tenth of the cost. CURRENT STATUS: The government and the prefectural and city council cover ninety percent of the session fees. The clients cover the remaining one-tenth of the cost. New populations, such as victims of child abuse, will be eligible for music therapy services beginning in April, 2012 under enacted legislative reforms to the Child Welfare Act. It is expected that the demand for music therapy at MOYO will correspondingly increase. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Each session is filmed as visual documentation. By so doing, sessions are reviewed for analysis, study and evaluation. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (Japanese only) CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Music Therapy Center, MOYO Address: 1-64 Matsubokkuri Mutsumi Matsudo-city Chiba Japan 270-2204 Phone: 81-80-1317-5769 Contact Persons: Yuki Masuyama, Director; E-mail: Mayuko Watanabe, Music Therapist; Email: 114

SECTION: Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: Pakistan PROJECT: MUSIC THERAPY CENTRE FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS DESCRIPTION: The Music Therapy Centre‟s (MTC) services are goal oriented and client-centered with the aim of building a therapeutic relationship through music between client and therapist. At the MTC, goals are set with participants of all ages and with various special needs. Typical goals include improved mood, deepened personal insight, healed emotional wounds, increased self-esteem, and greater clarity in one's sense of life, and spiritual development. Improvisation, musical games, singing, music listening, song writing and music and imagery are all employed with clients. Simple music and imagery techniques are also used to work through various barriers to greater inner wholeness. MTC offers a special program on Autism and Dyslexia. Workshops are given for parents and teachers in different special schools, Autism Centre, and Readyslexic (a centre for children with dyslexia). The aims of the workshops are to provide awareness about Music Therapy and how Music Therapy reduces the symptoms of Autism and Dyslexia. CURRENT STATUS: MTC is a private centre in the area of Karachi. MTC is serving children and adults with disabilities and disseminating information about music therapy to special educators, doctors, psychologists, parents, and the general public. MTC is currently looking for sponsors and funds to establish the centre in a private facility along with other therapies. MTC is seeking help from international music therapy institutions and associations to design a short course in Music Therapy for Musicians and Special Educators in Pakistan. Future research projects are currently in the planning stage and are seeking funding sources. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Ongoing case evaluation procedures are in place. Individual client assessments for each case are part of the intake process. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Music Therapy Centre website is under development and will be completed shortly. Publications: Article by Mr. Sohail Khan: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: The Music Therapy Centre Address: B-37 Block C North Nazimabad, Karachi 74700, Pakistan Phone: +92-21-35445048, +92-345-3179727 Contact Person: Sohail Ahmed Khan, Founder and Director Email:; Twitter:!/Sohailk22 115

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