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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: Norway PROJECT: ROCK BAND AS EMPOWERMENT FOR SPECIAL NEEDS CLIENTS: RAGNAROCK DESCRIPTION: In 1983, the RagnaRock group was started at Nordre Aasen Special School in Oslo, Norway as part of the music therapy program at the school. The clients came mainly from Ragna Ringdals Daycare Centre, a program for developmentally delayed adults. The goals of this project are to promote transformational change in the social status and self-esteem of clients by encouraging them to become rock musicians. A method called Lettrock was created, with students from the music therapy course at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, to find ways of playing rock music that the clients could master. Guitars were tuned so they could be played simply with open strings or with one finger pressing just two or three strings. To help clients put their finger on the right fret, colored tapes were put on different frets of the guitar. Colored tapes were also placed on the keyboard. A machine was created with foot switches connected to three colored lamps, parallel to the three most common chords in rock and other ordinary songs. These switches light a lamp whereby we could conduct the harmonies for the band. CURRENT STATUS: RagnaRock is still active and gives performances regularly. The band now consists of eight pupils from the Oslo Adult Training Centre in Nydalen, Oslo, for developmentally delayed adults. The RagnaRock Band has achieved a high-level of performance ability and has toured in Norway and across Europe. They have appeared on state TV, played in different concert halls and at several music therapy congresses. RagnaRock is supported by the Norwegian government. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Publications: Naess, T. & Bjørn Steinmo. (1995). Pop and Rock with Colors: Easy ways of building a pop-rock band using special tuning and colors. Norsk Noteservice. 0colours1.pdf (in Norwegian) CONTACT INFORMATION: Project Name: RagnaRock Address: Norwegian Academy of Music, P.O.Box 5190, Majorstua Slemdalsveien 11NO - 0302, Oslo, Norway Phone: + 47 23 36 70 00; Fax: + 47 23 36 70 01 Contact Persons: Professor Tom Naess; E-mail: Heidi Kristoffersen: Oslo Adult Training Centre; Email: 120

SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Mental and Physical Health COUNTRY: United Kingdom PROJECT: BRIDGING THE TRANSITION BETWEEN THE PSYCHIATRIC AND THE COMMUNITY: THE CHELSEA COMMUNITY MUSIC THERAPY PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Chelsea Community Music Therapy project in West London is a pioneering Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy practical and research initiative. The project uses music to help people with mental health difficulties bridge the transition between life in the hospital and their recovery in the community. It takes place between two adjacent facilities: South Kensington and Chelsea Mental Health Centre, a National Health Service psychiatric hospital and SMART, a community centre for people living with mental health issues. The music project, involving two music therapists, helps patients create „musical pathways‟ between the hospital and the community via SMART - through several interlinked music groups. An open group, “SMART Music” in the café is a cross between a music therapy group and an open-mic group. It runs weekly for anyone who wants to come. Two further spin-off member-only groups - Smart Singers and Smart Band rehearse weekly and perform in local venues, including the lunchtime recital series in the adjacent Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. This Project was featured on BBC Radio 3‟s Music Matters Music & Health Special Edition in March 2008 and also won the Royal Society for Public Health „Arts & Health Award‟ in 2008 – in recognition of „significant and innovative contribution made to the field of Music & Health practice‟. CURRENT STATUS: The project is thriving and progressing, with the research component currently coming to a close. The project will be reported during 2012-13 in a series of publications, in particular a commissioned book from Ashgate Publishers entitled Musical Pathways in Mental Health, authored by Gary Ansdell & Tia DeNora. Funding is provided through a combination of support from SMART and the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: The research component of the project is under the auspices of Nordoff Robbins Centre‟s Research Department in collaboration with Exeter University. The project is a unique five-year longitudinal ethnographic study of the process and outcomes of the project. The research has collected varied qualitative data, including the construction of a series of „pathway cases‟ that follow people‟s „recovery paths‟ in relation to their ongoing participation in music in various formats. The project is building a rich theoretical and research perspective on the data through the lenses of cultural sociology and the developing platform of indigenous theory-building from Community Music Therapy. Overall, the project should provide a framework for mental health services in relation to arts and health activities: Theoretical perspectives for grounding music therapy / music and health work in an appropriate socio-cultural framework that links to current practice, theory and policy in mental health provision 121

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