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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Braak, Patricia (2007):

Braak, Patricia (2007): Interkulturelle Musiktherapie. In: Musiktherapeutische Umschau, Band 27 (3), S. 249-254. Braak, Patricia (2008): Musiktherapie mit traumatisierten Menschen. In: Wolff, Hanns-Günter (Hrsg.): Musiktherapie und Trauma. ISBN-10: 3895006084 CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Berlin Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims (bzfo) Address: Turmstr. 21, 10559 Berlin, Germany Phone (+0049) (0) 30 30 39 06-0; Fax (+0049) (0) 30 30 61 43 71 Contact Person: Patricia Braak Email: 146

SECTION: Music for Working with Trauma Survivors COUNTRY: United Kingdom PROJECT: MUSIC WITH EXCLUDED CHILDREN AND AT-RISK YOUNG PEOPLE: CREATIVE AND INCLUSIVE MUSIC MAKING AND SONGWRITING PROJECTS DESCRIPTION: CRISP is a local charity providing self-esteem and community building activities through music. This organization has operated since 1998 in the south of London. One of its projects is „Express Yourself,‟ a series of programs aimed at children and young people who have been excluded from mainstream schooling due to their difficulties in managing their behaviors, or because of disability or pregnancy/motherhood. There are also strands for young people experiencing alienation due to loss of their family or to society‟s (and sometimes their) difficulty with their emerging lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender sexuality. Music is used to validate cultural preferences and differences. Group work games are used to build relationships, create safety and minimize competition. Regardless of music experience and technical skill, collaborative listening and writing techniques are used to build lyrics and music lines, often using technology as well as acoustic and electric instruments to facilitate full participation of all parties. Participants also share current music choices through singing and performing. A CD of their work is produced and often there are performances for family and friends. Due to short term funding, generally 1or 2 term projects run for 10-20 weeks. Through expressing themselves through creative music making, songwriting and beat based spoken word, young people learn to work together, find new avenues for self-esteem and begin to value their voices and choices in a broader sense. CURRENT STATUS: The organization has begun to grow and receive regular contracts as its work is recognized. It also continues to apply for funding for longer term work. As this year is the UK Government‟s, Year of Music, it is hoped this funding will come through. In 2006, CRISP was also the recipient of the International Society for Music Education‟s Gibson Inaugural Award for community-based music education projects. This allowed the program to run a similar series of programs in post-conflict Serbia. CRISP also runs similar programs for adults, with the aim of reducing isolation and enhancing well-being and community cohesion. These are funded by churches and government bodies. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Publications: Woodward, S. and Pestano, C. (2010). “Marginalized communities: Reaching those falling outside socially accepted norms” in Veblen, K.K. & Elliott, D.J. (Eds.). (2010). Community music today. Landham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers (in press). 147

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