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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Working with Trauma Survivors COUNTRY: Lebanon PROJECT: MUSIC AND THE ARTS WITH CHILDREN AFFECTED BY POLITICAL CONFLICT: THE FIREMAKER LEBANON PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The FireMaker Lebanon Project trains professionals, mostly clinical psychologists, in using creative tools such as music, art, and drama in their psychosocial work with children affected by political conflict. Within the distinctive social fabric of Lebanon, the project trains care-workers to provide more effective services to children of vulnerable communities in a country that has experienced extensive social instability. Over the span of four days, this arts-and-health workshop in music, art and drama, enabled sixteen imaginative and vibrant young professionals to learn skills for use in their daily working environments. A fundamental belief of the FireMaker Project workshop is that once participants are competent in using the creative arts tools, they will be better equipped to work with children: In building relationships and trust Exploring the themes of safety and resilience Expressing feelings about issues that affect their lives Being aware of the importance of care for the care worker CURRENT STATUS: The Lebanon Workshop was first conducted in June, 2008 as an outreach of the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation, South Africa which conducts creative arts therapy training services for care givers internationally. A follow up study in 2009 showed that the use of music and other creative arts was integrated into the current services being provided and has been found to be very useful in connecting with children. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation Contact Persons: Kristen Meyer & Lesley Bester, Directors; Online: Contact Person: Mercedes Pavicevic, Lebanon Workshop Director Email: 154

SECTION: Music for Working with Trauma Survivors COUNTRY: Occupied Palestinian Territory PROJECT: THE USE OF MUSIC THERAPY WITH CHILDREN TRAUMATIZED BY ONGOING CONFLICT: BETHLEHEM PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the Bethlehem project was to help children through music therapy to deal with the trauma caused by the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. These children are living with a multi-traumatic situation given the armed separation wall, war stories passed on through the close collective culture and increasing unemployment. Researchers have found that children are responding to the situation with high anxiety, depression, short attention spans and Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome. Mothers of the children and social service providers working with children at a variety of different programs throughout the area were interviewed to assess their views of the impact of the conflict on the children and the community‟s ability to help the children. Many shared their heart breaking stories about their experiences related to the years of conflict in Palestine. A seven-component music therapy protocol was designed and implemented to develop the emotional coping skills of these traumatized children to enhance their resiliency. The music therapy experiences involved both improvisational and structured music experiences. Traditional and non-traditional musical instruments were used, each offering unique benefits to the children. Twenty children in the first through fifth grades were offered individual music therapy over a period of five weeks. All but two of these children were referred due to severe behavioral problems in school. In that the children first needed to develop emotional skills, the music therapy experiences were designed to increase their feeling word vocabularies and their ability to relate feeling words to personal experiences. Research results from a pre and post-test evaluation indicated significant changes in their use of feeling words. Music therapy was also offered to two other groups of children, a small group of kindergarten children and a group of 8 to 11 children at an independent center. Dramatic changes were observed each week as the children began to attend and listen to each other and express feelings while playing instruments or talking. CURRENT STATUS: After the success of the music therapy project in Bethlehem, the music therapy training model is being evaluated and further developed to include the recent literature on neurobiological changes due to trauma. Research on the influence of trauma provides additional support for the use of music therapy as a bodyoriented, nonverbal treatment approach. Modules based on this information will be developed that will use music to develop the emotional coping skills of children in various countries who are dealing with a traumatic event or on-going conflict. These modules will involve improvisatory and structured music therapy experiences. Training modules are also being created to help people within these countries to implement the music experiences, thus making the project more sustainable. The Bethlehem project was funded by an interdisciplinary grant from Elizabethtown College. The on-going project is funded by private donations and grants. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: hidren+to+Enhance+the+Community's+Capacity 155

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