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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Brazil PROJECT: PROVIDING UNDERSERVED CHILDREN AND TEENS WITH SOCIAL INCLUSION OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH ACCESS TO MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE AND ARTISTIC EXPERIENCES: VILLA-LOBOS ORCHESTRA DESCRIPTION: Since 1992, Villa-Lobos Orchestra has been providing an innovative program of music education at the school Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Heitor Villa-Lobos and its community center. The Villa-Lobos program is also connected to NGO organizations and therefore has a broad concept of the role and place of music in achieving their social missions. Children are involved with music through their first contact with instruments to their preparation for University entrance examinations. This is done through thirteen different kinds of music workshops and an intense performance schedule. The program also provides apprenticeships to advanced students, who can gain experiences ministering classes, becoming mentors to younger musicians. They learn group dynamics as involved in music, teaching, and community life. The program transformed the school into a cultural center for the community and a venue of positive reinforcement. Consequently the program has made an impact in one of the most vulnerable parts of the city as a way to combat social exclusion, poverty, and violence. Using music as a means to improve self-esteem, cultural and social inclusion, the orchestra has broad musical and social goals: Developing attitudes and abilities through music workshops and group practice: instilling sensitivity and cultural awareness Establishing an interaction between varied musical cultures and the local culture Facilitating opportunities for youth to attain a higher education and enter the labor market in the field of music Sustainability is integral to this model and over the years the Villa-Lobos Orchestra has found a partner in the Education Department of the city of Porto Alegre, which subsidizes it. Further the orchestra has established a network of partners in the private and public sectors, such as Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, Instituto Junia Rabello, Ministério da Educação, Caixa Econômica Federal and UNESCO/Rede Globo, through the project Criança Esperança. For four years, it has had as a main partner the community center/foundation Instituto Cultural São Francisco de Assis, a non-governmental organization within the community. The Orchestra has won the award for Human Rights Defense in Rio Grande do Sul given by UNESCO and the Foundation Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. It has also received a Living Culture Award, given by the Ministry of Culture in recognition of the program‟s initiative and its innovative and influential character in the life of the community members and the award Leaders & Winners 2009 granted by Board of Commerce and Services of the Rio Grande do Sul and the City and State Councils. CURRENT STATUS: Currently, the program assists over 300 students in an average of 430 music classes starting at the age of four. There are 70 groups divided into classes of music initiation, recorder, body expression, piano, cello, violin, acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, percussion, choir singing, advanced studies, musical theory and perception, and creation of instruments using recyclable materials. All of these take place at the school, in two pre-schools, and in two venues from the partner institute. All classes and activities are free and giving 162

preference to students from public schools and from financially disadvantaged communities. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Heitor Villa-Lobos Address: Avenida Santo Dias da Silva, s/n – Vila Mapa, CEP: 95.550-240, Porto Alegre/ RS, Brazil Phone: (51) 99548897; Fax: (51)33191413 Contact Person: Cecília Rheingantz Silveira Email: 163

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