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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTIONS: Music for Sustainable Community Development Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Mexico PROJECT: PROVIDING MUSIC EDUCATION TO STUDENTS IN DIVERSE SETTINGS AND INSTITUTIONS: MUSIC AND CULTURE AT CEDROS DESCRIPTION: This project began in 1995, based upon the idea that “every child can,” and that music, as a form of education, serves as a natural resource connecting youth to education. Equal opportunity is critical to such goals. Therefore, the program is open to anyone without having admission criteria based on ability or talent. Diversity is another essential element fostered by the project, through offering over 23 music ensembles, thereby providing students with a variety of sonic experiences and a myriad of musical opportunities. These vary from participating in symphony orchestras to drums ensembles. CEDROS actions and goals focus on the notion that, in order to understand differences, it is necessary to understand the world and its complexities. Thus, the program strives to expand a youth‟s horizons. Ensembles are an important part of this process, whereby youth participate in concerts across the globe: Washington, Annapolis, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, Berlin, Roma, Madrid, Bilbao, Pamplona, London, Cambridge, and 15 states of Mexico. Part of communicating with others involves close interaction, thus creating opportunities for new ideas and musical experiences. The project has consequently been aided through the production and recording of ten CDs, all by student ensembles. Further, with this aim in mind, CEDROS has opened its own borders to all levels and types of education in Mexico through the “Festival Internacional Cedros-UP”- an event designed to improve the quality of the music education in Mexico and to foster awareness of the ways in which music can be an element in social, cultural and economic development. Performers and educators from 29 countries taught Mexican teachers during the seven festivals that have been held to date, each festival having a different focus. The 2010 festival is focused on the issue of “Music and Education toward Peace.” The main objectives of CEDROS are to: provide music education to students in diverse settings and institutions supervise similar aimed projects across Mexico offer musical-pedagogical alternatives to Mexican teachers Populations being served include: 513 children who received choral or instrumental classes at DACCUP Expanding to 4 other schools, that have been inspired and are supervised by this project A chorus at a juvenile prison Music classes at a day-care center for underserved children 43 music teachers work directly at DACCUP and 30 music teachers work in the other schools More than 1000 music teachers, from all over Mexico (public schools, private schools, and universities), have taken music teacher training at DACCUP CURRENT STATUS: This project has attained a great deal of recognition in the music education field in Mexico. Nevertheless, 166

ecause this project belongs to a private organization, the Mexican government has not supported this enterprise. The budgetary restrictions have not prevented the continuation of the project, but have hampered its expansion. For example, the constraints make it impossible to acquire large percussion instruments such as xylophones, and cymbals. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Departamento de Arte y Cultura Cedros-UP Phone: (5255) 5091 9563; Cell: (5255) 1019 827, Fax: (5255) 5091 9543 Contact Person: Gabriel Pliego, Director Email: 167

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