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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


SECTION: Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: United States of America PROJECT: MIDORI & FRIENDS: INSPIRING CHILDREN THROUGH MUSIC DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1992 by the world renowned violinist Midori and a committed Board of Directors, Midori and Friends has enhanced the lives of almost 200,00 underserved New York City children and their families through providing high quality music education programs and initiatives. The program serves over 15,000 students annually in 40 public schools and community agency sites within the city‟s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Partner schools reflect the diversity of New York City, representing a broad range of ethnic and racial background. The majority of students live in low-income communities, with about 80% qualifying for the City‟s free lunch program. Many of the students reside with foster families or in single parent households. Approximately 20% have special needs. Focusing on children with little or no access to the arts, programs are offered at no cost to students and are available to all children regardless of skill, ability or background. In many cases, these programs provide the first experiences in which children become engaged in school, realize a sense of accomplishment, and attain self-confidence. Midori & Friends offers long-term, school-based programs that provide children with opportunities to play instruments, sing, discover music traditions from varied world cultures, and express themselves creatively. By engaging in substantive partnerships with schools – forming and maintaining relationships with principals, educators, students, and parents – Midori & Friends creates and implements school-wide visions for customized, multi-year music programs. These programs strengthen each school‟s infrastructure, which then enhances student learning and promotes youth development. Every program integrates the bench marks and goals of the NYC Department of Education‟s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts. As a catalyst of change for school-wide involvement and improvement, Midori & Friends helps to transform underperforming schools into vibrant learning communities, while helping to build musical and life-long skills that positively impact students‟ social, emotional, and intellectual development. The programs provided by Midori & Friends include: Adventures in Making Music: skills – based vocal and instrumental residencies over 24 weeks First Adventures in Sound: 24-week residencies in music fundamentals for young learners Grades Pre-K through 2 Adventure Concerts and Workshops: concerts and integrated workshops that introduce students of all ages to music and cultural traditions from countries around the world. All Midori & Friends programs are offered at no cost to participating students. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 168

CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Midori & Friends Address: 325 Seventh Avenue, Suite 301, New York, NY 10001 Phone: (212) 767-1300 Contact Person: Judi Linden, President Email: 169

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