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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

documentary heritage of

documentary heritage of the Northern Territory. Heritage is “what can be passed on”. The stories of Northern Territory children, their families, and community members, and their experiences of schooling are a part of that local heritage. i-stories: Northern Territory Library coordinates this arts-based community library program, which is designed to increase family and community involvement with early childhood learning opportunities in remote communities. For Indigenous children in these communities, English is not their first language and many children do not have significant exposure to English before beginning formal schooling. Project officers are arts-based practitioners with remote community experience, specialist multi-media skills for resource development, and experience/knowledge of young children, youth and adult learning. Project Officers are employed by Northern Territory Library to work with local families, government departments and community-based organizations in remote areas. Together they create bilingual literacy materials, i.e. bilingual singing stories, picture stories, talking stories and e-stories, with accompanying artwork, music and audiovisuals. These print and electronic materials are created using iPad creative apps and XO laptop multimedia programs. They are tangible, long-lasting products and meaningful social resources in each community. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: Monitoring and evaluation are embedded as a continuous process in program design and delivery. Program teams include families and collaborating agencies in a participatory framework, who together decide what data to collect, how to collect the data, how the data is analysed, what results are important to share with others, to whom to disclose the results, and how the results are reported. Subject to budget constraints, an impact evaluation is conducted by external consultants. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: [under construction], Publications: Bartleet, B. L., Brunt, S., Tait, A., & Threlfall, C. (In press). Community Music in Australia and New Zealand. In K. Veblen & D. Elliott (Eds.), Community Music Today. USA: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Tait, A., Musco, E., Atfield, M., Murrungun, L., Orton, C., & Gray, A. T. (2010). Weaving new patterns of music in Indigenous education. In J. Ballantyne & B. L. Bartleet (Eds.), Navigating music and sound education. Meaningful Music Making for Life, 2: Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne. (Tait et al 2010). Tait, A., & Murrungun, L. (2010, Fall). ArtStories: Early childhood learning in remote Indigenous Australian communities. Imagine, 1 (1). Wallace, R., & Tait, A. (2006). Community control & knowledge management: practitioners & community working together. Paper presented at the Connecting Intergenerational Communities Through Creative Exchange Conference 2006, Melbourne. CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Northern Territory Library Address: PO Box 42, Darwin. NT. Australia. Phone: +61 8 89220796 and Fax: +61 8 89220760 Contact person: Anja Tait Email: 192

SECTION: Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Australia PROJECT: MUSIC PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION WITH MARGINALIZED PEOPLE OF ALL AGES: SWEET FREEDOM DESCRIPTION: Sweet Freedom is a not-for-profit production and promotion organization comprised of music producers, film makers and community development practitioners. Collaborating with people from marginalized circumstances, Sweet Freedom crafts songs, music videos and documentaries. It then promotes and distributes these to national and international networks in order to educate, entertain and promote solidarity. Culminating in a community festival, performances and a CD/ Video launch, the process produces team building, and self-esteem development. The CDs serve to raise funds for the various communities and provide a mechanism for community participants to enable their voices to be heard. In addition, the CDs offer the broader public opportunities to expand their levels of awareness and understanding. In all cases, profits are returned to the communities. Sweet Freedom draws upon creative community music activity to: Build personal, social and cultural meaning for participants and the community Enable participants to understand their situation and build resilience Enhance personal, social and cultural identity Advocate and bring attention to social justice issues through composition, performance and recording CURRENT STATUS: At present Sweet Freedom is evolving from being a community music project organization into a social justice record label whose principal functions are to advance social justice and human rights, through creative and artistic mechanisms crafted specifically for each unique community. Sweet Freedom seeks to document processes and outcomes, evaluate democratically ways that amplify the voices of „the unheard‟ in communities experiencing marginalization and highlight the elements of resilience within the experiences of the participants. Sweet Freedom presents initiatives online as examples of ethical ways of conducting projects together with ways of evaluating outcomes. The goal is to provide access to resources for others through the website while promoting the products (music, et al) of all Sweet Freedom activities. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Down Syndrome Association of Queensland-My Life My Voice: Scattered People: Transformers: der=10935722&xcontent=11743732&xnav2=RETURN_ONLY/ 193

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