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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


New Internationalist Radio Interview: mp3/ CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Faculty of Creative Industries: Music & Sound Address: Queensland University of Technology, O Block B-Wing Room: OB411, Victoria Park Rd. Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia 4059 Phone: + 617 313183691 /Fax 617 313183735 Contact Persons: Brian Procopis (Chair- Projects): Email:; Dr. Steve Dillon (Chair- Research): Email: 194

SECTION: Music for Lifelong Learning COUNTRY: Australia PROJECT: PROMOTING SOCIAL HARMONY AND WELL-BEING THROUGH MUSIC MAKING: A NEW PARADIGM IN MUSIC EDUCATION DESCRIPTION: The Music Education Program (MEP) of the Australian National University‟s (ANU) School of Music is based on a social philosophy of shared, active music making through singing. The focus of this approach is on the social processes embedded in the music making, rather than the skills that are traditionally defined as progress in musical development. The goal of the program is to facilitate the music making of others through singing and/or instrumental engagement in order to promote wellbeing and social harmony, as such, the Music Outreach Principle is unique in that it helps others to help others through music. The Program does not define a particular methodological approach, and differs from structures proposed by Kodaly, Orff, Suzuki, or other recent educators who have tackled the widespread lack of sustained musical engagement from childhood to adulthood. Rather MEP defines a philosophical position that prioritizes the development of the will to engage, and engage others. Consequently, each participant becomes both a music maker and a facilitator of the music making of others, regardless of skill level, age and disability or, indeed, any other form of exclusion. CURRENT STATUS: To date, the Program has trained 470 teachers, works annually with over 15,000 children and over 1,000 community members, and provides up to 50 outreach style events each year. Events include intergenerational community singing events, visits to nursing homes and care facilities, whole school community events, and large-scale interactive outreach concerts. Recent highlights include the MEP‟s work within the Jervis Bay community in regional Australia, where the local aboriginal community and families from the neighboring naval base were brought together through song in a whole community singing event facilitated by the children of the local school. In 2010 the MEP‟s outreach concert „A Singing Odyssey‟ was live-streamed across the world, accessed by over 7,000 users. Numerous teaching resources have also been developed at the request of participants, which are available at cost for members of the teaching and general community (visit the MEP website for more information). ANU School of Music works in partnership with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Department of Education and Training and artsACT (artsACT is the ACT Government‟s arts agency). The program is free to all participants within the Australian Capital Territory. There is local Australian Capital Territory government funding. Interstate and international participants pay a nominal fee to cover costs. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: The Music Education Program, while now part of the federally funded, research-intensive Australian National University, has always been funded by the Australian Capital Territory Government for service to its local community. This funding has not, historically, had a research component. Nonetheless, what might be seen as a handicap has aided the development of not only a different paradigm for music delivery in schools and the wider community, but a different research paradigm as well. In particular, the Program has defined a form of practice-led research that occupies the „middle ground‟ between academic output, often not accessed by teachers, and the traditional forms of school-based practice and professional development. The mixed model research involves developing means of 195

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