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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Press releases: =6 Photographs: p=5 Videos: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Fundación Nacional Batuta Address: Calle 9 No. 8-97, Bogotá D.C., Colombia Phone: (571) 333-6765; 333-6768 ext. 105, Cell (57) 310-575-3959 Fax: (571) 333-1260 Contact person: Juan Antonio Cuéllar, Executive President Email: or 22

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development COUNTRY: Ecuador PROJECT: EMPOWERING AT-RISK YOUTH TO ACCESS THEIR CREATIVITY AND BUILD SELF-ESTEEM THROUGH MUSIC AND THE ARTS: PROJECT CREO DESCRIPTION: Project Creo (yo creo translates to English as ―I Create‖ and ―I Believe‖) empowers at-risk youth to access their creativity and build self-esteem through multi-disciplinary arts programming. Based in Quito and in development since 2008, Project Creo is building its program locally, linking local teaching artists to local disadvantaged youth in local spaces. This initiative is part of the US not-for-profit organization, Arts InterFACE whose mission is to foster charitable exchange by facilitating international arts projects. Founded on the principle that to create is to believe in oneself, Project Creo is implementing these ideals through the following objectives: To engage innate creativity through music and art-making (music composition, original theater creation, dance, and visual arts) To fortify high self-esteem and sense of self-worth in the individual To develop global citizens who think and respond to the world‘s challenges with creative ideas and compassionate action To achieve these objectives, Arts InterFACE has partnered with the Ecuadorian foundation CRISFE to develop programming through a facility in Quito built specifically for arts education. Programming incorporates concepts from the Metropolitan Opera Guild and City University of New York‘s Creative Arts Team and engages at-risk youth in music and storytelling. During this experience, individuals compose original songs and music, perform these compositions for others through singing and playing and share these narratives within a music drama format that utilizes theater, movement and the visual arts. Three branches of year-round programming are offered at the Quito facility: 1) Weekly classes for at-risk youth engaging them in the creation of music, theater, movement, and visual arts, and the sharing of those creations locally and internationally with other youth from around the world 2) Professional development workshops for local teachers to increase the implementation of arts education in the public school classroom 3) Specialized parent and family workshops which artistically explore local social issues through creative, solution-oriented dialogue CURRENT STATUS: Project Creo is being offered at the pilot facility in Quito with the intention of eventual implementation in 18 other facilities throughout the country. Partnerships with the Metropolitan Opera Guild, City University of New York‘s Creative Arts Team, and international professional teaching artists have resulted in an international exchange to explore how creativity can be engaged for positive change. Project Creo and Arts InterFACE are currently funded through a partnership with the Ecuadorian foundation, CRISFE. Additional funding from grants, corporate sponsors, and private donors are needed in order to develop an international network of artists and experts as a resource for local teachers who are executing the programming as well as for general programming costs. 23

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