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Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

Music as a Global Resource: - International Council for Caring ...

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children‘s and veteran‘s hospitals, hospice residences and senior homes, the Health & Wellness Initiative uses music therapy to reduce anxiety and stress while providing non-pharmacological management for pain. It also improves patients‘ moods and emotional states, allowing them to participate actively in their own treatment. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION: In just over two years of programming, MusicianCorps has demonstrated the following key impacts: Keeping Students In School MusicianCorps Mentors motivate students to stay in school. In the midst of a national crisis that has seen high school dropout numbers reach dramatic new heights over the past decade, 7 out of 10 high school students say they want to come to school more because of MusicianCorps. Building 21 st Century Workforce Skills MusicianCorps focuses on creative expression, composition, and teamwork to increase youths‘ chances for long-term success. A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 ‗leadership competency‗ of the future (The Creativity Crisis, Newsweek 2010), and the Conference Board reports that creativity rates among the top five skills needed in the workplace. In the 2010-11 program year, 70% of school site partners agreed youth were more creative after MusicianCorps, and 80% agreed youth were better able to express themselves. Making Music Accessible MusicianCorps works to restore music in the schools that need it most. Despite being consistently hailed as a cornerstone of a complete education curriculum, the time spent on music instruction has steadily decreased in public schools over the past twenty years, especially among schools that serve children of low socio-economic backgrounds. Since its launch in 2009, MusicianCorps Mentors have empowered 5,400 underprivileged youth with ongoing music instruction and music-making opportunities. Strengthening Community In a time when people are feeling more disconnected from their communities and each other, MusicianCorps harnesses the unique power of music to bring people together, providing students an opportunity to exercise community leadership. Over 16,000 community members have participated in 215 MusicianCorps service days, performances, and public events in just over two years. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Organization: Center for Music National Service Address: 3254 19 th St | 2 nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone: 415-839-8902 | Fax: 415-840-7202 Contact Persons: Kiff Gallagher, CEO & Founder; Email: Laura Page, Deputy Director; Email: 36

SECTION: Music for Sustainable Community Development NON-AUTONOMOUS TERRITORY: Puerto Rico PROJECT: MUSIC FOR CULTURAL PRESERVATION: TACUAFAN DESCRIPTION: TACUAFAN (Taller Cultural Afro Antillano) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the musical and cultural wealth of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean over the last thirty years. The project promotes the legacy of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, a Puerto Rican born in Barrio Obrero and who left a historic legacy about human rights and arts preservation. TACUAFAN began in this socially and economically disadvantaged community in the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through cultural workshops incorporating the use of percussion, flute, theatre, community forums and conferences, movie exhibitions and cultural/recreational trips, awareness of the value of cultural Caribbean music and its preservation has spread extensively in Puerto Rico. TACUAFAN maintains a sustainable community educational music program through the sales of CDs and artistic presentations. This project has sponsored the following: Community Recognition & Awards Activities Publications including CDs of music (folkloric, popular and progressive) from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with explanations in Spanish, English, French and Japanese A documentary movie about the history of Barrio Obrero The co-production of the first and second Symposium entitled: ―Afro-America and Its Religious Culture‖ with the University of Puerto Rico The development of musical modules for the annual conferences of the Program in Social Studies at the Puerto Rican Department of Education entitled ―Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery― and ―Commemoration of the Discovery of Puerto Rico‖ The development of micro-business workshops for adolescents in sound engineering CURRENT STATUS: At present, work is in progress on the construction of a building to be called the Caribbean Cultural Center that will house TACUAFAN and its projects. TACUAFAN is spearheading an effort to construct a monument in Mayaguez City inspired by the ―Plena‖, the national rhythm, so as to position it at the high-level it deserves next to other cultural achievements. It has produced a short film designed to rescue the traditional chants known as the Rosario de Cruz de Mayo. TACUAFAN is also launching a new Caribbean rhythmical concept entitled ―The TULULU,‖ a beat created around the folklore of the island of Guadeloupe. Project funding comes mostly from CDs sales, artistic shows, government and organization proposals. TACUAFAN‘s accomplishments have been recognized by the City of San Juan, The School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico (the URBE award for Community Service), Puerto Rico Bar Association, and Commission Against Racial Equality the Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and the Council Against Racism, among others. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 37

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